Fleet of UFOs Recorded On An iPhone Video Above Normandy

Normandy UFOs

The afternoon sky of Normandy was reportedly occupied by a fleet of seven UFOs, according to a witness. While the exact date of the mysterious event was still unknown, it is assumed that it happened during sunny weather as the witness claims that he was out for sunbathing when he spotted the strange appearance between the clouds.

The witness said that he was on a yacht, sailing and enjoying the amazing view of the sky in Normandy with a friend. While taking a sunbath, the witness was relaxing with a huge chemtrail view across the sky and some beautiful clouds. Suddenly, his attention was shifted to something else, which he says he doesn’t remember. He stopped watching the sky for some minutes.

When he decided to look at the sky again, he spotted something unusual in which he describes as some little strange dots of light close to the large chemtrail.

The witness said that he always brings his iPhone with him including the time of the sighting. So, he grabbed his iPhone out of his pocket and recorded the mysterious activity in the sky. When he reviewed his footage on his PC screen, he counted seven white objects descending in slow motion inside the trail and disappeared behind it as well. He says that the large orb was seemingly the mothership that led the fleet.

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  1. Looks just like the balloons we released at a funeral recently once they reached that height. Alot of these “fleets” of UFOs are probably the same or of a similar nature. I have cell phone video of our fleet, should I post it and claim ignorance of their origin too?

    • I actually can tell you it’s not a fake! The other day on 11/09/2010 me and my husband was sitting in the hot tub in a clear beautiful day when I was looking up I noticed 8 strange flying objects in the sky I told my husband to look. At first it looked like big birds flying around but I noticed seemed like it was to high for birds to be flying. Then my husband noticed the bellies (of what I thought was birds) was bright and appeared to be blinking. What I seen that day was very scary. I searched and searched the internet look for what I had seen. The objects looked just like the ones this man filmed.

  2. It seems less believable when people do post-production like adding dramatic music. Just let us see the video, please. Thanks!

  3. once again the addition of music takes away from any credibility. If your serious about seeing something strange….film it, post it, but please don’t try to enhance or dramatize it with music. Now it seems more like a staged event….probably flares or ballons

  4. Thank you for this video. Whoever took this video will forever be amazed and they will never forget this day. Such events have a long lasting effect on our memories and inside our hearts. I know I would never forget, if Jesus our Lord and Savior appeared in front of me, and I had a chance to shake His hand, or touch His face. We all want to believe there is something much greater and closer to GOD. A step closer to heaven, or everlasting happiness.

  5. Thank you for this video. I am a witness of what I think it is closely linked to the event filmed here. As it was in 2014 I don’t remember the exact day but it was between the 10th and the 15th of september. I was driving as usual to my work on the morning (between 7h30 and 8h30) between Bonnieres sur Seine and Vernon, in Normandy. I had just leave the A13 highway from Paris to engage toward Vernon. In approximatly west direction and at 45° elevation I was surpized to see a group of white dots in the sky, moving slowly but with speed and direction variations, as if if they weren’t (only) pushed by the wind. I was driving my car and there wasn’t any place for parking, so I continued driving while I looked at the phenomena. But it went hidden by trees in the new portion of the road and after that, I never more saw it again, even when I arrived in a portion of the road that would be well oriented…

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