NEW! In Search of Aliens – The Mystery of the Cyclops S01E06

in search of aliens

In Search of Aliens: The Mystery of the Cyclops
History Channel, Season 1 Episode 6
5th September 2014

The mysterious Mediterranean island of Malta lies south of Sicily and is home to megalithic structures built by a mysterious prehistoric society. According to scholars, the massive blocks even pre-date the Great Pyramid of Giza. Just who were the people that built these sophisticated structures? Local folklore describes Malta as being the home of giants and the legendary one-eyed creature known as Cyclops. Could these stories be true–or could they offer clues to an extraterrestrial connection? Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos investigates Matla’s giant stone structures, unexplained rock carvings and mysterious elongated skulls. Could these strange antiquities be connected–and might they prove that there was a highly advanced civilization on Malta in the remote past–one that was perhaps in contact with ancient astronauts?

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  1. Those structures were made by the people of the ancient Lemuria,a Continent that was destroyed thousands of years ago. This Lemurian race predated Atlantis.

  2. Man o man o’l fred would like to be his age traveling around the world lookin for anomalies and ancient artifacts. Them ladies like a fella who’s a traveling man to show them a mighty fine time.

  3. There are more than 55 temple sites on these small islands. Time to change our ideas about these mysterious Temples…this programme goes a step in the right direction.(see website:

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