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Your UFO reports: 20th September – 27th September 2014
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calgary, AB, Canada – September 26th 2014
Hi. I live in calgary ab canada. I saw what i believe to be a ufo on september 26th 2014 around 7pm. It was a giant metal object that had a larger top half that appeared to be slightly scooped out and spinning very slowly around showing its metallic appearance. It was silver / grey and moved very slowly across the sky. There was no sound as it moved and in its center there appeared to be a blue “ball” on top. It disappeared behind a cloud in the middle of thr sky and was gone.
Please advise me on this as i have come up empty in search of anyone else seeing it????
Cambridge, Ontario – 9/26/2014
saw a chevron shaped very large object object pass over head about 8:30pm tonight moving south to north at a slow speed. It had about 6 to 7 lights on ea side and made no noise at all. Saw for about 30sec with 4 others including people in the park.
Santa Clara,California – Tuesday evening 9-23-14
I observed a bright starlike object in the direction of Sunnyvale. I watched this very slow drifting object for about 45 minutes. From about 8:00PM-8:40something? Object appeared to drift thruogh clouds in the night sky. Object seemed to float or drift around in the same area through out my oservation?
1954 vine dr. fairfield, ca.94533 – 9/21/14
Government jet flew over my house heading north. As  I watched it from my driveway I noticed a white round object off it’s right wing heading westish. After jet flew by object I watched it for 15 -30 seconds then it was just gone.
Sacramento, California – 09/20/2014
UFO SacramentoI have a picture of what appears to be a black star just sitting in the sky in daylight I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS THERE UNTIL the next day when I looked at my photos so to the naked eye it was cloaked and I can prove it I been watching the news and no one has reported seeing a black looking star in the sky in daylight and I am not the only witness to this my cousin and his son were outside with me when I took that picture and none of us seen that and the picture I took was by accident I had my windows tablet out so I could video the storm.
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  1. I have a whole collection of detections of UFOs with the ISS HD Cam doing captures enhancing . Where can i send you?
    The must remarcable things are a cilindrical shaped ship with an superior aditament like a masonry spoon holder, others are like two trunked cones sticked for wide side, and tje most amazing are THE FOUR BROTHERS, 4 huge structures at 100km height at front of ISS same orbital speed, they are very close and change shapes with arriving of small ships (SMALL?) tHE PROCESS I uSE IS DOING CAPTURE IN THE FIRST 4 MIN BEFORE ENTERING TO SUNNY ZONE THE iss, may be they reflect the sun behind it. Then I increase bright ,reduce contrast, invert image, move again Bright -contrast , invert and apply “Curves” very accurately and : Bingo appears the ships. please send a mail where I can send you power point with differen annalysis. jose.osio[at]
    I think .A. somebody is watching ISS ope closely , or B NASA lies us and is the owner of 32 ships around ISS with unknowns purposes,
    I have reported it to NASA without answers.

  2. correstion: heigh aprox of 1000 km. // I am navy officer ret, and I know the differences among stars ,sats planets, clouds, parahelios,and UFOS

  3. I have review the 300 fotos of LRO 1972 in the dark places of moon and have found probable cities, colonies, mines , holes FAKES made by NASA occulting interestings points with patches of dark big holes of other places in moon, I know how to determine if is a patch or not.

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