UFO Visits Alaskan Town

Alaska UFO

Eagle River reportedly visited by a UFO when an Alaskan witness saw a ball of light UFO that seemingly moving intelligently with course correction and hovering movements. The case was reported to the Mutual UFO Network and filed in Case 60040 on witness reporting database.

On September 21, 2014 the witness was walking towards his home from his friend’s home at 1:15 AM when the object was first observed.

According to the witness’ testimony, a ball of light was very visible above a dark sky with light cloud coverage. He said that the light doesn’t have the Northern Lights shape. He initially thought of a meteor, but he observed that it never picked up speed.

The witness managed to capture five images of the object, which were submitted together with his MUFON report filed on 24 September 2014.

While the witness admitted on his report that it was tough to estimate the size of the object because of the distance, he still provided a guess wherein he believed it was the size of a car tire. The object slowly moved towards him and hovered, then changed course and gracefully left him within 10 seconds. The witness said that he was worried because he was not sure on the identity of the object and it was coming within his vicinity. He watched the object as it left.

Eagle River is a community of 22,236 people within the Municipality of Anchorage. MUFON received 2 UFO reports from Alaska in August 2014. The state has a current UFO Alert Rating of 5, the lowest among the five levels in which 1 is the highest.

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  1. After living in Wasilla for 5 years one learns that we have an Earthquake almost every day!
    But it could be the lights could be earthquake lights that are being seen.
    But I have seen UFOs myself that were not earthquake lights so that might be what they saw.

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