UFO Enthusiasts Believe NASA Shuttle Footage Proves Existence Of Extraterrestrials

UFO nasaUFO believers, experts and enthusiasts may have not forgotten the footage from a space shuttle mission in 1996 wherein they consider it as not only a UFO footage but high-definition resolution of images that could prove aliens do really exist.

The video footage of the Space Shuttle Columbia shows of what is known today as the tether incident wherein the deployment of a tethered satellite system was followed by a camera until the tether broke. Designated STS-75, the mission was a joint operation between Italy and the U.S. The deployment was supposed to be a regular routine but was ended with the Tethered Satellite System separated, resulting the satellite to spin off the void. The system was designed to study Earth’s upper atmosphere and investigate new sources of spacecraft power. The video shows the satellite drifting away and 18 years later, conspiracy theorists and UFO believers are still talking about it.

Just recently, a high definition enhancement of tether incident footage made the rounds online. The video was posted to YouTube by username Stargazer Nation. It shows the cable (tether) with several white dots and several other circular objects floating around the cable. These circular objects appear to have holes at their centers. Enthusiasts believe that these UFOs are evidence of the interaction of aliens towards humans.

Franklin Chang-Diaz, space shuttle astronaut, explained at that time that a little bit of debris that apparently flies with them was simply catching and reflecting sunlight.

However, John Tindall of History Channel explained the camera’s telephoto lens produced the images. Tindall said that the lens has a circular mirror with a middle hole. He said that it was the mirror that left an artifact on the video images. He further noted that the images were not in the background but actually in the foreground.

Since NASA’s archives don’t mention of UFOs or any anomaly with regard to tether incident, conspiracy theorists believe that there have been cover-ups.

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  1. How many artifacts can one camera lense cause on a video and why are they all moving? I don’t hear an explanation for that and so what if they are in the foreground! When I first saw these and similar ones in images around the sun, I thought they must be organisms that live in space, not aliens or intelligent necessarily just unknown. Why not?

  2. it seems funny to me that the majority of us do believe in Aliens. Aliens for all the water out there and there is alot. they been here from the beginning. we are and will be aliens on their realm.

  3. If them fellas at nasa is collecting o’l fred and the mrs. tax dollars along with all our pals on this site the least them fellas could do is show some explicit photos of them aliens when they catch em doing things in space.

  4. Many new technologies able to project 3d images into mid air or space. So when you see lights maneuvering at ridiculous speeds at right angle turns, think laser projections, before giving credence to alien visitors. Believe it when you see it is no longer a dependable position, soon you’ll be inviting 3d color images into our homes to take the place of flat screen t.v. Then every home will entertain real ghost. Think about it.

  5. As soon as you add the stupid music you lose all credibility because then it just becomes entertainment or some sort of home project. Use footage, or film it, leave in the original dialogue and ditch the rest if you want to be taken seriously.

  6. NASA has known all along since they started that there is life outside earth. Of course they know. The same with our government. Well, we know that. The American people know that. It pisses me off that they think we are so damn stupid. The very idea that they think the American people would freak out with such information is absurd. The goverment and black operations, what ever you choose to call them, know that they are running out of “power”
    People talk. And it will all come spilling out eventually. They are not protecting us. They are protecting their asses for spending so much money and lying.

  7. The explanation is valid..I have videos of my Street at night, and when the telephoto lens was activated all the street lamps produced images just like the ones in this video. They do look like flying saucers and have been called “Batman” UFO’s because of their shapes. Its just the lens reflecting back on itself. There’s no UFO’s here. Some one asked why are they moving?…any science buff will tell you, once an object is in motion it will stay in motion unless redirected by an opposing force. These are just ice particles floating in space ,reflecting light, and there shapes (Batman UFOs’) are because of the telephoto lens being used…No Mystery here…

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