UFO Sighting Caught On Video Using Night Vision

north carolina ufos

UFO was observed by a military combat instructor using a non-traditional way of shooting a video. He described it as see-through triangle flying slow and low without any noise.

Kenneth Bates, MUFON’s field investigator in North Carolina chapter, says that the video shows a craft of very advanced technology. Bates adds that it could cloak or has a technology that creates an illusion of transparency.

The witness is a military contractor for the last 24 years and he is an instructor for close quarter combat. The witness, who chooses to remain anonymous, says that he just accidentally caught the event when he was trying to get a look at the moon with his telescope. He remembers that it was a night after the May full moon. He says that he always bring with him a night vision google and on that night he was particularly bringing a PVS-14 night vision monocular and a pair of PVS-7D googles.

While surveying the night sky with his goggles, he saw an object that was around 5000 feet, coming towards him from the north, heading south. He says that he can give estimates about the distance because he is a long distance shooter and a skydiver.

He says that it was flying low for an airplane and quite strange since it had no sound. So, he decided to record it and first caught the object on video in around a 75-degree angle. It passed over him, but it still produced no sound.

He was stunned to notice later that he could see stars through the UFO. He confirmed what he just saw when he reviewed the video. He says that the object remained visible to him for around 13 to 14 minutes. When he lost track of it at one point, he tried to take off his goggles and found out that he could not see the lights from the craft with his naked eyes. He explains that it could either the lights were very dim and only enhanced by his night vision or the lights were infrared. The object flew out of his sight to the south.

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  1. Best UFO footage I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Thank you to the individual who pursued this. Thank you for not getting out the worst camera you own. Thank you for not adding movie music to the footage. There are many military bases in North Carolina, this looks like a TR3B with cloaking technology. Sweet!

  2. your story and sighting sounds very interesting, but your film, unfortunately is always off focus and way too short. it looked very interesting, when we saw it.

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