Boyd Bushman – His Last Interview: A Documentary on Area 51 and UFO’s over Tucson, Arizona

Area 51 UFOs

Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin.


Former top aerospace scientist said that UFOs are real and in fact these aliens travelled towards Earth through their interstellar flying discs. He added that these aliens are now working for the U.S. government. These statements were revealed by Boyd Bushman during a deathbed interview. Bushman, who died in August 2014, revealed his high level and inside knowledge of the UFO program by the U.S. government.

Bushman won several patents while working in several aerospace technology firms, such as Lockheed-Martin and Hughes Aircraft. He was also credited for developing the Stinger missile, the surface-to-air missile that can be fired through shouldering it and played a key role in several conflicts for the past 30 years.

Bushman passed away on August 7, but before he passed away, he imparted an amazing information through an interview, which posted on YouTube earlier in October and already received over a million views.

Its popularity is understandable given the nature of the alleged revelations in the video.

The video shows Bushman saying that reverse engineering was one of his top secret jobs and he did it to alien UFO technology for use by the U.S. military. But this is not the biggest revelation by Bushman in his final statement.

In the video, Bushman is showing what he calls photographs of aliens who work, and died in some cases, inside Area 51 military base, which is also called as Dreamland, in the Nevada desert located just around 85 miles north of Las Vegas.

Area 51, which was founded in 1955, is officially known as a testing ground of the U.S. U2 spy plane and is highly guarded military research facility. The base is now official known as the National Classified Test Facility.

The base has created many conspiracy theories, particularly UFO conspiracy theories, because of the extreme secrecy that surrounds the black technology projects developed and tested at Area 51. Many stories have been told about UFO spacecraft and even space aliens, which reportedly being kept at the base. Furthermore, many people have come forward claiming to be Area 51 insiders and telling stories about UFO research done inside the highly guarded facility.

However, the revelation made by Bushman seems to have unique credibility as he made it before his death when he has little to gain or lose by telling his knowledge on the government UFO projects.

Bushman says in the video that the Area 51 aliens were from planet Quintumnia and their technology allows them to reach Earth after 45 years of travel. Their saucer-shaped UFO craft are 38 feet across, according to Bushman, adding that 18 of these visiting space aliens, whom some are 250 years old, are currently working for the U.S. government.

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  1. Around San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico….the indigenous indians are scared to death of “extranjeros”, & I’m NOT talking about tourist! The hotel employee was helping us park our truck a few blocks away, as we were parking, he began to FREAK OUT, pointing up to the sky! At first, I didn’t know what was his problem, he kept pointing…..there was one UFO flying VERY fast in a TRIANGLE, when the UFO made its corner, it NEVER slowed down! He made us run back to the hotel, he was scared out of his wit’s! Upon our return, I phoned many agencies, some in Maryland…they all said they had no satellites in that area, that behave in that manner. The UFO was VERY far away, the “perfect” rectangular movement was very odd! Ever since that night, I’m certain we are NOT the only ones in the universe!

  2. Since Mr. Bushman passed away in August, what happened to the pictures in the video? They are only somewhat distinct as shown. There’s too little info to make a decision either way.

  3. Completely crazy. A great a story to be told around the campfire. Lets talk about FACTS. Has anyone considered that this guy has been feed a non-sense story. Nuts

  4. Possibly THEE BEST post ever on this web site.
    Sincere thanks to LUFOs for uploading this today.

    Make this the start of absolutely no more hoax posts like thirdphaseofmoon……..use this as the re-launch of the credibility that used to be this website.

  5. The fact that he honored his security clearances to his death means he failed us all. If he does not tell us the truth now who cares what he says now. It means nothiing. I say goodbye.

  6. Its nice to see true is coming out I have seen much bigger and around was like sun shape and slightly yellow color but was hovering about 100 meters off the ground in 1996 in New Zealand and it was gone way less than A second as I said it was big and that is Y I know this man was tolking true

  7. Just a question, he worked at lockheed for 40 years? Why does his name not give any results if searching on lockheed site? An honest question, im a believer but can anyone answer this? Many wonders about this…

  8. If he had a top secret clearance… you wouldn’t find him on the Lockheed Martin site. Go to the US patent office website and do a patent number search using the patent numbers listed in the boyd bushman Wikipedia page. His name is listed on those patents.

  9. Such an interview with no questions from an independent interviewer is a nonsense. Not better than grandfather’s telling tales.

  10. “Bushman won several patents while working in several aerospace technology firms, such as Lockheed-Martin and Hughes Aircraft”. Go and see which patents is was involved in: just crazy, useless devices. Late patents are just nonsense, like a “magnetic beam” from ordinary coils supposed to create a monopole ! – Rest in peace, but crazy !

  11. This old gent is telling it like it is in o’l freds opinion. Check out current tech for anti grav craft by aero space manufacturer, you fellas just might be surprised to see how far human ingenuity has already taken us. You see o’l fred don’t think it’s all about aliens.

  12. This person does not talk like a scientist, his vocab is limited and he doesn’t have the measured intelligence you would expect from such a figure. I say they paid a random old guy to dress in a suit and learn a few tales. Unconvincing. And I am a believer in ufos/e.t.

    • Say now if you think a fella has to use his verbs and adjectives in a scientific manner to be of high intelligence, or to be credible you is gonna have to learn not to judge a book by it’s cover. You see some folks is reeel smart and maybe even more smart than you is, but they just don’t take themselves as serious as some a them scientific method types who can read a book but can’t see what’s all around them daily.

  13. I absolutly loved this thankyou so much for posting it! Certain people need to understand there is so much evidential proof that extraterrestrial life exists and that there will come a day where nothing and nobody will be able to hide it anymore. Aliens live amongst us and I also believe they are working with the government no doubt! Area 51 has always been fascinating to me but I would also love to learn more from a insider about the ‘Dulce Base’ 7 levels of pure facts hidden away from us. One day!

  14. is it real??? as a hindu monk having read many of the Sanskrit vedas (hindu books over 5,000 years old 2,000 oraly)we all agree vimanas are real you have to accept that many of our advancements came from

  15. What I find sad about this video is the image of a quite confused old man fumbling with his photos, virtually all of them nothing more than amateurish snapshots of dubious quality, presenting them seemingly at random, and presenting a narrative that has virtually no coherence whatever.

    Check out his “scientific” credentials: he has a B.S. degree in science, and a Commerce degree, yet he would have us believe that he was privy to the deepest secrets of Area 51. Indeed! Even Lazar claimed he graduated from MIT.
    He also claims these aliens he inexplicably has photographs of can travel at speeds absolutely beyond our scientific comprehension, yet shows a picture of their “planet” that they presumably took and gave to him–a planet which is preposterously given a name that sounds like something from a poor 50s SF movie (“Metaluna” from ‘This Island Earth” was far more believable)–that could have been taken of a streetlamp by a twelve year old with a Polaroid. Is that the best they could do?

    He also states they are, presumably willingly, working with us to provide America with their advanced technology, yet also claims we shot one of their UFOs down. Are the aliens masochistic? Or just plain stupid?
    This guy reminds me of Corso, another strange individual who made outlandish claims just prior to his death. If you want a perfect example of government-inspired disinformation, go to poor Mr. Bushman’s video. I can only hope he was a willing, and not a coerced, dupe.

  16. The material he presented is basically stuff that has been known for a longtime. He was long known as a man of integrity and I personally do not doubt a word he said. I know “Q” clearance scientists at LM and they have been confirming what Bill Rich said years ago, we have to the technology to take ET home (that’s interstellar travel folks). What for me is dissapointing are all these idiotic comments from folks who do not know where north is. I’ve spent my whole life in research, invention, technology development and patenting. We live in a time where folks have lost their relationship with reality (reject data out of hand) and go on with snicker comments. I am an outed gold making patent filed Alchemist. After over 200 lab proving trials have have gold beads made from barren seed ores in LENR conditions. Folks are discrediting our work and snickering about the fact that the work was done in a country carpenter shop all the while refusing to consider or even look at the data. The world is an emerging technological society and having failed to get off the ground a few times is in the process of failing again. I am not so surprised.

    To see Alchemists making gold go to:


  17. Why on Earth (pun!) did this guy do this??
    How desperate must the UFOlogist community be to get a dying man in front of a camera, letting him show KMart/Walmart toys and other fake relics and blatantly lie about his illusional encounters with aliens?
    Yes, I DID fall for this guy for 10min or so, the time needed to convince me that even a proclaimed engineer and scientist of age with a ‘patent’ history will bamboozle the public for some, albeit rather obscure, reasons.

    As he is dead now (although nobody could verify that a ‘Boyd Bushman’ died in August 2014) he will have no benefit from this media stunt. All I can think of is that he did this in a desperate attempt to ensure future cash flow to his heirs, so let’s wait for some publications about ‘anti gravity’, ‘flying saucers’ or else by the Bushman clan.

    He did not do himself a big favor by this publicity stunt for sure, instead he soiled the pants of credibility, scientific work, trust and more.
    And put the UFO believers in the very corner they belong – the corner of shame and stupidity.

    With so many creepy creatures walking our planet we sure do not need aliens!
    They would laugh their ass (do they have asses?) off about us crazy humans.

  18. His almost all sources of information are rubbish without any authentic proof. He seems to be the product of conspiracy theories.

  19. I have seen “UFO’S” since ’64. At that time, I lived in Kingman, NW Az. I saw them 3 times during 6 years before leaving for military service. Only 1 cannot be explained away as potentially Area 51 related. Since that time, I have seen 5 other instances, with one being not explainable as some sort of military related incident. However, even the ones relative to being near military installations seem to be questionable as to the degree of technology. Most sightings we see in pictures are hoaxed, even crude. The ones I believe to be military related are within the available technology, and most certainly the black ops ‘secret’ experiments and trials. Those that puzzle me are not within what I would consider available technology. There is much we do not know in that arena of research. I also have serious doubts as to aliens coming here, why here, and how would they have chosen this out of all the planetary systems to research? Like I said, two of many I personally witnessed are not currently explainable with what I know, and I am fairly knowlegable. The proximity to military installations is more than mere coincidence, and are very impressive as to the black technology. Those two are far above that. It does not eliminate that, but certainly does call into question whether we are in touch with ‘aliens’ or not. I am skeptical as always, but open to the improbable.

  20. I worked at a military themed museum and Boyd came in at least 10 times while I was there. He came to the volunteer break room and would talk to the guys. One of our volunteers had experience at several top secret sites and Boyd used to mention the names of certain officers and engineers from these sites that only someone who had been there would know. He was certainly not doing this to make money, he just wanted to share his knowledge. He used to tell the ladies up front that he was on his way up to the top of a nearby mountain to meet the aliens and told the ladies that they were “good humans”. He had those pictures with him all the time and once he had them spread out on the table and I took a couple pictures of them with my cell phone while standing behind him.

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