SETI covering up confirmed alien signals?


A member of the audience started a confrontation on notion that the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was involved in a cover-up of the reality about the presence of extraterrestrial on planet Earth. On Monday night of October 27, 2014, SETI scientist Dr. Jill gave a lecture in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Paramount Theater when the uncomfortable moment took place.

The audience member asked Dr. Tarter about the proposition that SETI is an agent of disinformation by disregarding several factual evidence of contact that is staring humanity in the face at every hand throughout time, across space.

Tarter responded that the data provided to her as the board of the Center for Inquiry reveals that this potential evidence of this kind of contact did not stand up to the scrutiny of quality that a scientist is looking in evidence that requires validation. She pointed out what Carl Sagan has said: “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.” She further said that the evidence does not justify the claims of contact that the audience member has stated.

SETI and the UFO community have a longstanding disagreements about speculation on extraterrestrial life. But the two sides also agree in the possibility that mankind is not alone in the universe.

The lecture was attended not only by people who are on the side of SETI, but also people like Richard Lang who also accused SETI of a cover-up. Lang is one of founders of rapid investigative team for alleged UFO sightings called Star Team effort, which is organized by MUFON. After the presentation, Lang agreed to the statement of the person who accused SETI of cover up.

 What do you think about these accusations?

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  1. Be confident that, if SETI had something valuable to share, they would have done so: they need a budget, and anything which can help is welcome.

  2. I have been involved with Seti for years and totally believe if they received signals they would honor the program by sharing the information! Long Live SETI!

  3. its starting to sound like religion and science are so closed minded that they do not want to know the truth unless they get credit for it. I have problems with the scientific community in that when they are given the opportunity to know such things as the answer to string theory their comments are always what are your credentials…Carl Sagan said “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.” Well I can link string theory with Betty Hill’s star map which will show that Carl Sagan was wrong to dismiss Betty Hill…she was right…I can prove it via the answer to string theory that would expose the answer to the question the alien asked Betty if she knew where she was located on the map. Yes the star system that Betty was shown is where they came from…

    • If we is gonna get into bosons and fermions we best get Stephen Hawkins on here to keep us all straightened out. Quantum theory of gravity ain’t freds strong suit, unless o’l fred measures the time it takes for the mrs. to drop from the trampoline to the ground as compared to her bag of chips.

  4. SETI is a waste of time, it’s almost an impossibility to think that another race developed the same type of communication that we have, also, even if they did, we could never recognize it by using our methods. We will find life a lot faster if we send probes to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, also keep looking on Mars, I’m not talking intelligent life necessarily, but life in some form. Also we should investigate comets and asteroids to look for microscopic life that could be prevalent in space, and responsible for life on this planet. Let’s go search instead of sitting here waiting for a signal that most likely will never come.

    • Who would you have make the search? Certainly not NASA! What we should be doing and what we ARE doing are two different things. Were You or I running the show, we would take the Mars Curiosity rover and spin on over to Cydonia as quickly as we could get there, where we all know there are suspicious and controversial features worth checking out. Instead, to the immense frustration of we who pay the bills, the rock hounds at NASA walk it from one uninteresting rock pile to another even more uninteresting rock pile to “drill holes”, often driving right past or right over unnatural looking artifacts that look remarkably like fossils, even live creatures or intelligently created manufactured parts, to which they turn a blind eye. Maybe the truth is old news, and they are just interested in prospecting.

  5. As a hindu monk who has read many Sanskrit vedas,, vimanas ( ufos ) There are many times spoke of in our books, we all accept as real There is so much evidence in many religions and all the world some day it will be proven all along it has been hidden from us to long

  6. Look at her she is lying,a disingenuous unaware square I recall teachers like this at school..Stanford Friedman calls SETI “silly effort to investigate”-I would go further & say they are outright disinfo

  7. I was wondering a couple of things about SETI. First of all, let’s say it’s possible for them to recognize an alien signal, if they are blocking any signal emanating from Earth, they won’t pick up any of the signals coming from the UFO’s that are already here. Secondly, what if they are bouncing their signals off of pulsars to mask them? SETI would just write it off as a pulsar and that would be the end of it. I wonder if they ever tried to find a signal hidden inside the sounds coming from normal space objects.

  8. Sagan didn’t believe earth had been or was being visited by alien intelligences. In his comment, “extraordinary claims (i.e. UFOs) demand extraordinary evidence” Sagan never understood that UFO claims are NOT extraordinary—they are rather ORDINARY, actually quite ordinary with well over 36,000,000 U.S. citizens having seen something they could not identify. Hynek noted there are at least 100 UFOs sighted daily around the world and that number is now considered low. There are nearly 4000 landing trace cases, thousands of photos & hours upon hours of video, with millions of people world wide who have had seen UFOs. What about radar & radar visual cases. What about UFOs shutting down or arming our nukes both here (U.S.) & in Russia? What about pilot reports & the hundreds of reports of UFOs around airports word wide? What about Roswell & other reports of crashed crafts? What about the thousands of abduction events that have taken place? Ask 100 people if they have ever have had a UFO event/experience & 10 will say they have—I wonder if Sagan or Dr. Jill ever thought of doing a bit of research themselves. Neither Sagan nor Dr. Jill have no idea of the number of classic UFO cases there are on record—with many of these classic cases having a police or military presence.

    No, UFOs are not extraordinary. I’ve investigated this phenomenon now for some 65 years & one thing I’m positive is that earth is being visited on a daily basis.


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