This day in UFO history: Shag Harbour UFO Crash


Otherwise a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, Shag Harbor would be a place without any significance apart from the rural populace that exist, if not for the UFO sighting that happened in 1967. Although it is common among the fishing community to spread about the sightings of extraordinary creatures, the UFO sighting that happened on October 4th, 1967, is probably the best-documented sighting in the past few decades.

On the night of October 4th, exactly 67 years ago, villagers spotted strange orange colored lights in the sky, roughly four in number. These lights were prominent enough to be spotted and suddenly, it took a plunge towards the ocean. It came down rapidly towards the ocean and then, stayed afloat on the shore, about half a mile from the land. There were many witnesses of this incident, who at the first instance thought of it to be an airplane crash. With the weird happening, the onlookers immediately contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who were located in the Barrington Passage.

The constable of police in RCMP, Constable Ron Pound, was on the Highway No 3, where he himself had a sighting of the lights and agreed to the others account that there were four lights in total. As per Ron, the craft was around 60 feet in length with the lights on it arranged in a sequential manner. He quickly approached towards the shore to have a better look at the craft along with a few other policeman and civilians. There was a yellow light moving on the surface of the water and as it advanced, a yellowish foam was left in the trail. However, they could not get a clear visual, as the light either moved away or dived into the waters.

Shag Harbour UFO incident newspaper

Soon after this, a coastguard and other boats were deployed. They could not find anything either, apart from the yellow foam which was still present. The search went on till late night, after which it was called off. The next day, RCMP contacted the Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifac, NORAD Radar in Baccaro and enquired if any aircraft had gone missing: either civilian or military. They confirmed with negative that there was no account of any as such. The following day, Rescue Coordination Centre got in touch with the Canadian Forces Headquarters and filed a report about this unknown sighting. Later, divers searched the location for an unknown object but were not able to obtain any results.

This event later faded away from the memories of people, until divers were questioned yet again in 1993. They said that the object that went underwater traveled for about 25 miles to a place called Government Point, where it was detected by a sonar. Soon, vessels surrounded it and was planning to salvage it, when a second UFO joined from nowhere, apparently to provide support to the second UFO.

The Navy started monitoring both the UFOs for a week, and later, as a Russian submarine entered the Canadian waters, a few ships were sent to investigate it. Sensing the opportunity, the two UFOs started traveling rapidly towards the Gulf of Maine. On taking a good lead from the Navy boats, they emerged on the surface of the water and made it away into the skies from there.

With many theories revolving around this story, the true story still remains a mystery and whatever happened in Shag Harbor was kept off the record, with no people involved willing to speak more on the same issue at any point of time.

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