NEW! In Search of Aliens – The Alien Code S01E10

in search of aliens

In Search of Aliens: The Alien Code
History Channel, Season 1 Episode 10
3rd October 2014

Ancient Astronaut Theory has existed in popular culture for nearly 50 years, asking the question whether extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past. All around the world there are examples of physical evidence that suggest humans are not alone in the universe. But has this evidence been left behind for a purpose? Is it in fact a series of clues, or Alien Code, that we are meant to decipher? Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos investigates unexplained mysteries from every corner of the world. The evidence shows that many ancient sites, and even modern ones like Roswell, all seem to be associated with legends and reports of someone or something coming down from the sky. Tsoukalos’ research demonstrates that many of these sites share a common symbol or shape–concentric circles. What is the significance of these designs, and is it possible they contain a coded, mathematical message left by alien visitors in the remote past?

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  1. I went to Peru to visit different advance cultures and i found out none of them have toilets, when you hear the different so called tourist guides all of them they talk that the temples built where ceremonials to render culture to the sun, well i can images thousands of people gathering and that required toilets, well there was not even one. We know that they could built anything why not a simple toilet as a human being requires. For me i got the conclusion that these builder were not human being but some kind of extra terrestrials beings that they don’t need to eat so they don;t need toilets don;t you think?

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