Flying saucer over Peru? 5-Oct-2014

flying saucer

Some kind of a green flying saucer was recorded in the sky above Lima in Peru. This was taken on Sunday, 10th October 2014.

What is your opinion about this UFO sighting? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. That’s just silly. It’s obviously just a star or planet, when it’s out of focus it gets distorted, that is not the real shape of the object, LOL

    • what’s the real shape of a ufo then? i have seen 4 different kinds of shapes. stars and planets are not green. they are also not flat. this is a ufo and a very good film of it too. if not a ufo, then an interesting bit of energy.

  2. Forget the UFO. I’m impressed with the apparent time travel. They say “This was taken on Sunday, 10th October 2014.” and here it is, only the 7th.

  3. What I find perplexing (and frustrating) about many of these nighttime videos is that it is virtually impossible to get any sense of perspective at night, concerning the size of the object, its relationship to the surrounding terrain, etc. There also seems to be a considerable inconsistency between the distance shots, where the light appears more or less stationary, and the close ups, where it jiggles around. Is this jiggling the work of the camera person? It appears to be.

    • yes. and of course at night we can’t get a good distinction, like you say. “they” like to come out at night, to fool around with us!

  4. Towards the beginning of the video (8secs – 11secs) when the camera moved in the direction of the object it looks like the western horizon where the sun has just set. This object in the video seems to be only reflecting that sunlight. This object could be a weather balloon or any other regular celestial object. Can be easily dismissed.

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