Latest UFO Sighting In Arizona Involves A Vanishing House-Like Object

Arizona UFO

An Arizona couple claimed to have seen a house that mysteriously appeared and disappeared. This strange sighting was submitted on September 29 to the MUFON.

According to the report, the incident occurred in December 2012. Different from usual UFO sighting report, the witnesses saw a rectangular object that looked like a house.

The couple, who lived in Sierra Vista, noticed the house in an open field across the street at 9:45 p.m. They said that the area where they saw the mysterious house has been fenced and nothing was there for years. They did not even see or hear anyone shifting a house in the area in question.

The witnesses claimed that they saw a door and windows on each side of the house-like object. They said that the house was brightly lit, but it looked empty from the outside.

On the next day, the couple was shocked to see that the house was not already there. They found no sign that something or someone was leaving the field. Until today, they are not sure if that house was a UFO, but clear conclusions can’t be arrived. They said that it was very strange.

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  1. for those in Ufology that believe in the possibility of other dimensions, couldn’t this couple have possibly seen a dimensional door that opened for a while and then closed?

  2. They say it was ‘very strange’ that must be the understatement of the year!
    There have been other instances of buildings disappearing in the past in UFO literature.

  3. Sounds like it could have either been possibly a portalas mentione d in another listing- or perhaps an expereimental hollogram, or potentially a physical transportation exercise. The fact that there was a fence around doesn’t make the portal seem right – moreso an energetic xperiment? If they have been transporting people in flesh thru time and space , then they may be utilizing methods now on non biological matter. The electrical facilitation and illumination is a bit odd though? But then who knows? perhaps this is about populating Mars- Transport is the big issue- this could be an experiment to tele transport objects across space and land in pin point locations- hence the fence?

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