Interesting daytime UFO activity over California – March 2014

California UFOs

Here’s one very interesting daytime footage of a bright orbs making maneuvers in the sky above US state California. This was recorded back in March 2014, but it wasn’t yet published on our site.

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  1. the “shooting” or light beam that briefly appears could be a reflection or atmospheric phenomena or it could be a probe that is collecting data or emitting something. Good video, thank you for not adding music

  2. Them fellas just might be as concerned about chemtrails as us folks who are smart enough to look up and not down all day.

  3. Hmmm.
    Interesting footage..but then I wondered why it took 7 months for this footage to get on a UFO website .So went to your youtube page.
    Then realised you were the guy who makes elaborate/unnecessary intro’s to his videos .
    So, apart from being obviously experienced in film production amd owning ‘good kit’,
    I ask, can we trust footage from a such a guy who on his youtube channel asks for donations and includes a direct link to his paypal account for such a hobby ??? or is it a hobby ???

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