Montreal UFO Speculated To Be The Same Mysterious Object Spotted Over Peru Two Days Later


The same UFO sightings have been reported in both Montreal and Peru. Many conclude that the strange UFOs could be just the same.

An evening newscast incidentally caught a greenish UFO floating above Montreal last week behind anchor Colette Provencher. The mysterious object seemed to change color and shape as it floated, before going down to Earth. Adding to the mystery, the same object spotted above Lima, Peru two days later.

The UFO over Lima was spotted on October 5, 2014and was recorded on video by Melina Silva. This UFO looks like the one being sighted over Montreal which also reportedly changed shape as it was observed from the ground.

According to the video description, the UFO sometimes looked like a saucer at sometimes and at times had resembled similar to a boomerang. The UFO had no intermittent lighting, ruling out the possibility of a remotely guided airplane. Furthermore, the law requires that a remotely- controlled airplane must possess anti-collision lights.

The UFO recorded over Lima was observed under well-lighted conditions, with a nearly full moon appears on the video together with urban lightings, making the green UFO very visible from the ground.

Reports about a fire at nearby farm in Saint Isidore parish in Monteregie, Quebec followed after the UFO sighting in Montreal. This has led speculations that the two incidents were related to each other. However, police stressed that the fire was caused by electrical problem and the object clearly not responsible.

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  1. “However, police stressed that the fire was caused by electrical problem” Missing article .. for the n’th time on this site. RRRRussian? Would be irrelevant, if it wasn’t for a fact that the paranormal is used as a propaganda tool by the Kremlin.

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