Brazil: UFO Transforms A Dark Sky Into A Daylight

Brazil sky

An evening in northern Brazil became day when a flash of very bright light illuminated the sky temporarily as bright as day. The strange event took place on Wednesday night, October 15, 2014 in Recife region of Brazil.

Witnesses saw a UFO at approximately 10:20 p.m. streaking across the sky. The event was recorded by as many as ten traffic cameras. The videos appear to show an exploding object, resulting into a multi-colored light show, decorating the evening sky with red, purple, pink and blue lights.

Witnesses posted photos of the incident to social media to look for answers or explanations about what they had witnessed. One witness, who posted to the Recife Astronomy Society Facebook page, writes that the flash lasted for approximately five seconds with the object emitting an intense light.

The witness describes it as beautiful, adding that the flaming ball broke up as it came down towards the ground.

Skeptics say that the explosions of color were just results of exploding electrical transformer as clearly seen on some of the videos, but Recife Astronomy Society’s experts would say that the beautiful light show was made by a meteor falling from a meteor shower.

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  1. i see a transformer (not the robots, the things that hang in telephone poles) blowing up. i don’t see anything flying around in the sky.

  2. Reminds o’l fred of the time whatsyurbeef invited me and the mrs. frieda the whole sausage family includin fred jr. over for a sausage cook out. That o’l boy used to spit on the grill to keep the flames down not realizin he had just took a heavy snort of tequila he spit on that grill and boy howdy did them flames shoot high in the sky…

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