Triangle formation caught on tape over Zagreb, Croatia – March 2014

Zagreb UFO

This UFO sighting was just recently uploaded on the Youtube, but it was recorded on 25th March 2014. The witness recorded this video ot triangular formation in Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia.

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  1. Initially I thought it was one single triangular object with bright lights at its angles. The finale was unexpected. Let us be skeptical, for skepticism is inseparable from truly scientific approach to the reality, but what is this?

  2. So, it may be fake, it may not, but I seriously doubt that ny of our Airforces have this kind of capability. Hard to say whether the three light separated or if it was one whole ship which came very low to the ground, which would make it apear as 3 separating lights. I would like to think tha this is real, that the battery ran out or they were too worried to go chasing this craft when it grounded. I do hope that the hoaxers who make fun of what could be serious consequences for our world, do not have to face the reality.

    • Dear friend have no doubt this is real . I live in Athens and see these flying triangles during the night mostly . They make no noise ,they can stand still or accelerate without being heard at all . Usually when standing still they make a very bright light like a star’s so most peaople think it’s a star or so. Sometimes they even mimic the lights of normal airplanes. Some of these are tremendously huge . What are they doing or who is behind their operation cannot be verified 100% I think. but since they are seen almost everywhere in the world my mind goes to some secret massive operation .

  3. interesting…..because of the slow decent I’m assuming human phenomena (balloons, lanterns, drones, lasers, other). The interesting part is how they stayed so stationary for awhile before moving. Any strings attached? Still interesting

  4. I tell you this much the video’s are getting better, I would like to think they are real but simply they are UFO’s who knows what they are or who fly’s them, Or created them using video software or ticks of the camera.
    but like Kostas said ( secret massive operation )
    I’ve all ways wondered the same thing, some of the great minds on this earth say it’s nearly impossible for a visit from outer space in our life time but you read so much about UFO’s and aliens, I would like to think they found some thing many many years ago that was all ready on this Earth and their testing what they found, hence all the cover ups, images and videos and so on, One of these days we will find out and I hope to see it before my time is up.

  5. I want to know if these triangle shapes, conspiracy group logos , and so forth are linked with the tringle dot formations been found on ancient artifacts put under black light………. Yeah it may be far fetched but why is everything a damn triangle?? Points to secrets being kept it my opinion!! I may be wrong though

  6. I saw the same thing but all three protruded across the sky from one end of the horizon to the other in just seconds I did t even have time to say “dad look” before they dissapeared. Probably happened around d 2014 maybe fall eastern time. I will always believe now.

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