The Unexplained Files: Paranormal Highway of America S02E01

Unexplained Files

The Unexplained Files – Paranormal Highway of America
Science Channel, Season 2 Episode 1
14th September 2014

Ex Deputy Sherriff Chuck Zukoswki has been investigating phenomena across Middle America for 25 years. Now he spots a pattern: eye-witness reports of UFOs along the 37th degree parallel, the 3000 mile long line that runs through the heart of the U.S.

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  1. When o’l fred and fred jr. with the mrs.freida, hank shank, and don the cheech get together for a cross country ride down route 66 to pacific coast hwy it’s a paranormal experience. The 59 caddy convertable with the mrs. bouncin on the rumble seat over the trunk is a regular ufo….

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