Google Earth Captures A Saucer-Shaped UFO Image Over A Victorian Coast


Many have baffled after seeing an unusual flying object over a road in Australia through Google Earth. Google Earth inadvertently captured a UFO flying over an isolated highway in Victoria. The UFO reportedly spotted on November 12, 2014, and its YouTube video is slowly gaining more views.

Many believe that the object could be a space alien craft and that the image has not been altered. The apparent UFO was found at coordinates 38°40’30. 16”S 145°39’2.57”E.

The UFO seemed to tilt at an angle, which is the normal movement of disk shape object. Experts also noticed a distortion filed all around the UFO. Area S4 scientist Bob Lazar said that there’s a distortion around the UFOs when flying. Lazar pointed out the waveguide, which is sticking up through the top center of the mysterious object.

There are many other reports of UFO sightings supported with pictures and videos. However, this one could be the first time an unidentified flying object, which resembles very much to a spaceship, was captured in a very impressive picture.

The YouTube video of the sighting was posted by the name Scott McMahon with the description that he was spending some time on Google Earth to check out the world. When he was strolling along a Victorian coast, he found the flying disk. He is sure that he found something not a plane or a blimp or even a bird or an insect, but a UFO.

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  1. O’l fred google earthed his place and saw the Mrs. on the back 40 ridin topless in the jeep…. while chasin down one a them sausage shaped ufos.

  2. Good Work Scott. This is where the computer savvy generation pays off! Whatever/whoever, looks like they picked a scenic route- of Victoria to voyeur the earthly humans!

  3. There are people in our land of OZ that are creating mini drone to drop off goods to remote farms/stations a video was posted a few weeks ago about it, could be some thing to think about, shame the video couldn’t get a closer shot

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