Unidentified flying object slowly flying over New Zealand – November 2014

New Zealand UFO

Huge bright object was flying across the night sky above East Coast in New Zealand. This UFO video was recorded in early November 2014.

What do you thing this was?

Your opinion?
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  1. have seen so many here on the east coast. ..this is a great vid and brilliant skywatching music. .I see them nearly every night and sometimes early evening before dark. .there’s a lot going on. .check out sirius disclosure dr steven greer..

  2. I agree, to slow for plane,I.S.S, or satellite. What kind of recording unit are you using? I need one, as I see some pretty incredible stuff almost every clear night I sky watch.I”d like to have video evidence,so all my friends won”t I”m seeing things!! Thanks

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