Unknown lights hovering above Phoenix, Arizona 7-Nov-2014

unknown lights

Here’s a new footage of an unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Phoenix in Arizona. This was recorded on Friday, 7th November 2014.

Witness report: We were driving from Tucson AZ to Phoenix AZ to watch a basketball game. we had just entered city limits when we noticed the strange lights. We pulled over on the freeway to take a better look. We noticed that the lights were forming different shapes and were hovering without movement. We also notice light appear and disappear. we took a small video of what we saw. we had to continue driving, but while on the road about eight lights appeared in a straight line. we did notice many helicopters close to the lights, as if they were trying to get rid of them. we continued driving North and the lights disappeared. This incident lasted about 25 minutes.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Really? They couldn’t stop for two minutes to get some less shaky video? After the last visit by a triangle UFO to Phoenix this should have been followed more closely. But hey, we all know basketball is more important than the ET’s that are coming to take over, right?

  2. How can anyone form an opinion based on that video? First of all it was too shaky, but the most important thing was it was never in focus, whatever it is, it was out of focus for the entire video. I wish these point and shoot cameras and smart phones could have manual focus, because the auto focus on them is useless when shooting something like this.

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