Antonio Urzi’s UFOs

Flying Saucer

TV report about the UFO contactee from Italy. Antonio Urzi filmed a lot of interesting sightings over the last years. Do you believe his story?

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  1. This guy see’s far too many UFO’s for me to believe he sees any at all. I’ve never seen one and this guy goes out to his window and there’s a UFO waiting for him to film. He overreaches his limits here by marginalizing UFO sightings. He also likes the attention T3RCER,MILANIO give him.

  2. If you review this video, you can see numerous large dots of dirt on his window, and The UFO blocks those dirty dots when he zooms in. If the dots of dirt were on the window, they would have blocked the UFO with the spots. Check it out. Paul Rivers

    • You can see dirt spots on the window, and the UFO blocks these spots, if this was rea, the dots of dirt should’ve been in front of the UFO, it looks as though, the UFO is in front of these dots, this would mean, the UFO were on his side of the window, this would have to have been the UFO were inside the window.

  3. ive watch antonios videos on you tube i think his videos are genuine daytime footage & nightime also they seem to have singled him out maybe he.s been an abductee who knows or he.s just managed to connect with these alien types .power to him some are very close the night ones are amazing if its all a hoax which i disbelieve he.ll get found out in time ?

  4. Antonio U is not fake nor are his sky finds . sometimes it takes alot of sky observing to capture the unusual . he does that process , ufo’s are not an everyday thing in one area yet the should be reported and see as many ufo finds (one that show clearly objects that humans rarely see day or night ) even the govs =around the world =earth have really tried in THEIR WAY to bring forward the issue . learn of various shapes please DO REPORT as soon as possible to any ufo site on the net , it will be viewed / take care and thankyou Antonio U for the many years of effort for a few ufo finds , even if replayed by the latest ufo sighting . net please report to the various reporting areas , ask the latest ufo whom or what are the more efficient sites that follow-up on the reports (ones with very obvious sightings ) usa or Australia ,Austria ,Germany , the UK. anywhere just follow through with the videos and reports . what is on you camera stills or part movie or cam recorder whether aged unit or new videos on cam . just be brave enough to report ,yes some objects are noted by radar and space satellites , any of you out there , just please report for any spammer will be in shock someday . real shock some of the unknown to general public worldly is probably good for you , yet for those whom have and know deeply already .. there is no clear answer = just awareness no matter pres of usa or other world leader or just a farmer it is past the military (they are another issue for mass of any military ; not dumb’d down = just spared partly) at least those whom sub the latest ufo or the ufo sites [eg. worlds list of ufo sites /or sights} then those are important to know of. for everyone of you on earth

  5. i froze the video and did screen shots.i adjusted on photo shop etc, the dots on the window, remain in front of the object, not behind. so whatever this is, however its done, its past the glass in my opinion.
    do for your self.
    and regardless, i would like to know how he’s does this ?? if fake.

  6. Caro Jaime Maussan, o senhor, investigador de renome que é, poderia verificar se outras pessoas viram os ufos de Urzi. É que, ou Urzi tem muita sorte para filmar ufos ou os tripulantes resolveram dar-lhe exclusividade porque da pequena janela ele nem mesmo tem visão periférica. Assim, os ufos posam para ele. De qualquer maneira, acho muito para uma pessoa só. Mas espero que tudo seja verdadeiro embora difícil de crer.

  7. You would think the aliens would choose somebody with a better camera to be their photographer of choice. You can walk into any department store and pick up a cheap camera that takes superb pictures every time. Yet we are expected to believe ufo photos, including even objects in the foreground are always blurry.

  8. Pardon me for laughing. This is ridiculous, so obviously a hoax. Like the old pie tins in the sky. Videos like this are never going to solve the mystery Earth is burdened with.
    Good entertainment for a few minutes.

  9. The truth is these things (whatever they actually are) only appear to certain people a lot and to everybody else very rarely. I was for thirty years a science journalist and saw one over Plymouth. The cultural shock was almost enough to give me a heart attack, but it was definably hovering there. This prompted a lifelong interest, see The Third Explanation Amazon Kindle.

  10. They appear a lot to certain people and very rarely to everyone else. Its the nature of the beast. I saw one over Plymouth when I was a science journalist. Imagine the cultural shock it nearly gave me a heart attack. See The Third Explanation Amazon Kindle.

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