Triangular-shaped object over Argentina 18-Dec-2014

Triangle UFO

Here’s a new footage of a something that look like a triangle UFO and it’s flying across the sky above Argentina. This was taken on Thursday, 18th December 2014.

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  1. Esse formato de ufo está tão frequente que me parece ser tecnologia terrestre. Mas acredito em ufos de tecnologia alien.

  2. They have never seen a plane before? LOL. You mean I can film jets all day long and have them shown on this website? Cool, I’ll try that too.

  3. It is the music on these kind of vids that makes me laugh. Why bother to add such stupid eerie music for any other reason than to dramatise utter shite footage. It seems these folks simply want to become video editing heroes by using wank footage. It takes the piss out of all us people who actually believe and have had real sightings. This crap really cheapens the whole agenda.
    But maybe that is the whole point of all these stupid vids. To make us all look like loonies

  4. LOL. I wouldn’t call it “great evidence”. It’s odd, it’s interesting…it’s a technical UFO….for now…but terrible evidence…grainy, out of focus, shaky….but “great”? Nope, I disagree…I mean evidence of what? A jet? It IS a jet of some sort as evidenced by the contrail.

  5. would be interesting to see the radar reports from a flight tower, it does look like a plane but as Ovin said It’s odd, it’s interesting…it’s a technical UFO….for now…

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