A Plane Passenger Records UFO Activity Above Australian Capital

australian ufo

A UFO caught on video maneuvering from left to right before flying below the aircraft and disappearing out of the picture.

The video shows a mysterious unidentified flying disc shape object in the sky of the Australian capital Canberra. Caught on video from a plane, the alleged alien UFO can be seen speeding past the clouds. The newly released video was actually shot a few years ago.

Finding UFO group, which records UFOs across Australia, posted the UFO sighting video. The video has gained a lot of interest from curious and open-minded individuals over the internet, as it shows unusual looking object speeding through the horizon from left to right then flying under the plane before it went out of picture.

The videographer was on a passenger aircraft when he shot the video of the mysterious flying object.

News about the recently released UFO sighting video comes after a strange ball of light was seen speeding across the night sky above California, triggering alien UFO theories.

The video shows a crashing aircraft releasing an escape pod and alien enthusiasts believe that it was a spaceship. The video received over 500,000 views in just 24 hours after it was posted to YouTube. However, many also think that the so-called extraterrestrial UFO was simply a space rubble burning up in the atmosphere of Earth.

A series of meteorite sightings have been reported in the U.S. over the past months, and many of these reports were coming from California.

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  1. It’s an interesting bit of footage, but I find it odd that a passenger on an airplane would be taking such a boring video in the first place, since nothing of any interest was taking place prior to the chance appearance of the UFO blip.

    • It may be boring to us, but when I am flying I like to take shots of the clouds, and what I can see underneath, especially on a long flight, of course the video is interesting only to me, but would become very interesting if I saw a UFO.

  2. Anything dealing w/t Australia ,an ufology is beyond reproach . Take the story of the ret. USAF general who , when told to come to Edwards AF base [ east ] = S4 , or area [ 51 ] an he said it was winter time in Navada which sometimes is on the cool side w/t the desert an all , an the keep telling him to dress in the lightest summer clothing that he could find .. He thought it [ odd ] but , followed orders .. When he arrived he was taken to the 4 level of the underground facility which I’m told is one of [ 30 ] stories of this complex , an he was taken through this innocuous door to w/t in a nanosecond he had just walked into [ Pine Gap ] Australia from the S4 facility an he of course was dressed appropriately as ordered …

  3. The photos that your site shows great convincing views of air craft we do not make. They have no wings, and they make no sounds at all. Many of them are seen hovering and moving around in ways that our aircraft can not do.

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