TV news report about UFOs over Sudbury, Canada – January 2015

UFO over Canada

A man in Sudbury, Canada claims to have photographed and recorded many UFOs over the last couple of years. The bright, white orbs captured in his videos are very similar to hundreds of other UFO sightings happening all over the world.

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  1. How come every UFO picture or video is always of very poor quality yet cameras’s today are of the highest quality. I think 99% of this is BS

  2. I’m a serious ufo researcher & have been for decades. The recent influx of videos of lights in the sky are very frustrating & in most cases worthless. We need solid craft , landings or contact. Undenyable proof not lights in the sky.

  3. These vids may not be of good quality but if you ask any fisherman in Ontario about orbs or ufos you will hear many stories. Theres entire groups dedicated to photographing and researching the balls of lights and orbs over the great lakes. The orbs seem to be connected with large bodies of water. Theyve been reporting and recording as far back as mid to late 50’s. Many reports do not include pictures but have too many common facts to be just a hoax. Between the large open expanses of wilderness, high capacity electrical grid, nuclear power facilities and heavy air traffic both civilian and military the great lakes and southern ontario have alot to offer to other worldly travelers. I personally have had encounters of several kinds. Several times with more then one witness. I know a person who shared an experience with me who denied existence of ET and even denied our sighting for years and years until finally coming forward with more then one alleged abduction. Too much lost time, too many shared experiences to deny the reality of what happened.

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