UFO Above Southeast Texas Beach

Texas UFO

A man asserts that he photographed a hovering UFO on the night of December 11, 2014 above Crystal Beach in southeast Texas.

The witness, who identified himself as Larry Nash, noticed a bright object in the sky while working at a construction facility in Crystal Beach. Nash reportedly not alone to observe the once in a lifetime event as his co-workers also spotted the same thing.

Local media outlet Beaumont Enterprise reported that the witness described the thing up there as round to the naked eye and like a giant bubble.

Nash also said that the alleged UFO has a metallic appearance. He reportedly used the camera of his phone to get a photo of the unusual aerial object. He further asserted that the UFO changed between green and purple in color. However, his sighting was not justified by the image he got from his phone’s camera as it does not show the changing colors.

The witness claimed that he continued observing the UFO for around 45 minutes before they got instruction to get back to work.

Based on his photo, some believe that Nash just caught on camera an atmospheric phenomenon known as a parhelion or sundog, which is common when sunlight shines thru ice crystals in the air. However, Nash is clueless what he and his co-workers had seen. He reportedly tried to approach UFO enthusiasts to help him identify the mysterious aerial thing in the sky, but he has not been successful so far.

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  1. Very interesting friend. By its position relative to the sun I think is a Sun dog. Look I’ve recorded.



  2. i see these all the time especially in winter. they are sundogs. it’s just refractions of light. it’s ice crystals. they are not ufos.

  3. 11th September 2004, Burghfield, Reading, Berks, ENGLAND,
    Driving back from daughters house early morning, sun not up yet,wife said watch out, as i was looking out of side window, nearly put the van into the ditch, stopped the van and asked her to look
    out of my window, what do you see i said, “it looks like a spaceship” she said,
    So heres another UFO sighting, little lights, funny noise,fast, racing across the sky,there one second gone the next, yea we have heard it all before, no concrete evidence, no other witnesses,cant be sure,
    watched this spaceship for about six minutes, just silently hovering in the same place, no movement as yet, we were about 2oo metres from a M.O.D establishment, cameras all over the place, no way that they didn’t capture the spaceship on these cams,
    for years wondered why they never showed the videos of the spaceship? always wanted to know why and how they kept this a secret? amazed how this has never been investigated? when i read back of the sighting that morning not much more could i add, except since i’ve looked into more reasons why they haven’t shown this spaceship it becomes obvious to me that the powers to be have suppressed the sighting because of the change of energy source they would have to show the world.
    as i said we watched for about six minutes the spaceship started to move off, we never saw anything or body get on or off, it moved north for 800 metres then turned east until we lost sight of it, it travelled at about 100 miles per hour, the shape was normal looking spaceship, lights around middle looked like they were flashing, pastel in colour, the actual makeup look of the spaceship was thundery clouds racing through it, this was showing up more as the morning sky was bright blue, not a cloud in the sky anywhere, it was as if they had got the camouflage wrong? weird? we followed the spaceship for 400 metres where it changed course we watched from a motorway bridge, there were many cars both way on that motorway that would have seen the spaceship, also the M4 roundabout cams would have seen it? NOTHING, NO ONE, NOT ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE ANYWHERE,
    thank you for reading this comment, and you’re probably thinking wow great, exciting,or mans crazy,on drugs,nutter, and when i tell you that the spaceship was the size of Wembley football stadium, most people would agree with you.
    BUT KNOW THIS, if anyone has the power to ask the people on duty that morning at the M.O.D. who were watching the security monitors, your find that all i saw was true. also these people would have had to report it to their superiors, then M16 NASA
    they already have this technology is why they are not investigating my sighting,
    SUPPRESSION of advanced energy technology of course until we find a way of allowing the billions to benefit, the earth’s existence relies on this type of free clean energy. somehow we as custodians of the planet need to come up with a way for the powers of this world to agree to a new energy force which we have, although at this time not being used.
    michael lewendon

  4. AND NOW?
    the problem with identifying a wormhole- time-warp-time tunnel , is there is no proof as yet, as there’s no evidence. our experience was always reported by me as a UFO sighting so any investigations would have started with the numerous cameras that surround the area all the places i reported would have looked and found nothing so all my thousands of emails sent and rantings of a cover up were unfounded – untrue, my frustration was taken out on any skeptic,or disbeliever,i would not hear from anyone that camera evidence didn’t exist, i was so wrong, i.m so sorry,
    as i said visiting the site 11 years later to the day to the minute, it soon dawned on me that there were so many things missing, realizing that we must have entered some kind of TUBE some kind of WARP-TUNNEL,
    the problem now is when i send in my report to the likes of Steven HAWKINGS for one i get a reply from his email secretary Jonathan,saying he is so busy and looking at UFO sightings as proof of Wormholes etc, is not on the agenda.
    one major site reported the same back saying i should send my UFO sighting to Mufon, we deal with quantum physics .
    year 2004- September 11th between 6 to 7 early morning Burghfield, READING England postcode rg30 3tg will go down in history as the most missed chance of proving time travel, warping, time-tunnel experience because of my incompetence, because of my stupidity to push my UFO sighting as a cover up by the authorities. its obvious they have not looked at the ways this { wormholes} distortion of science- psychics-gravitational-radiation- tremors- and many many more, there must be lots of distortions on tapes on satellite discs, this place is 50 meters away from the most important M.O.D station in ENGLAND they would have called me in and asked what else i could tell them if they suspected anything,, so no they haven’t looked. as I’ve said i don’t know where to ask next. i cant get any trust from anyone because of my attitude towards the denial of the UFO which was the size of wembly stadium if not bigger, i know what we saw and i cant change that but i can change the experience to make some kind of reason for the evidence not being on camera, which was always my vocal point, i’m not sure if i told you this but i started to ask weather men in that area for photo’s of the morning sky at that time, the moon and star positioning and cloud cover, he takes these from his back garden and sends them off to NASA he sent me these and the star and moon were nowhere near each other a very different place and there were clouds in the sky that morning on the photos there wasn’t a cloud in the sky when we saw the spaceship? i dismissed this evidence as he must have made a mistake, i was never going to believe where he said Venus was nor the said cloudy skies. never realized that the {wormhole} might have had that effect,
    Wormhole-time tunnel, what am i talking about don’t even know what they are, only from star trek,
    another thing i often wonder about why was that spaceship there for? what changed that day? what did they deliver,did they take something, anything go missing?when they find the evidence in distortion of kind will they be able to exact the experience? could they find more visits? not realized before? endless?
    i could go on forever about this sighting and always tell you something else about that mornings events, why us? why the thundery clouds rushing through the spaceship? its power source was my theory? hey, if anyone has the know-how or a way to substantiate this sighting via looking at the trail it left behind then please come forward. or if you know of a person high enough up in these type of [wormhole} looking institutions show them this,
    i will never stop looking for someone to explain all this, there isn’t a day go’s by where i don’t ask myself a new question or reason
    michael lewendon
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    Mpilo bookerful . • 5 days ago
    Any picture in a form of evidence?
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    bookerful . Mpilo • 21 minutes ago
    only pictures are from a weather man that shows different to what we saw? i made accusations to all and sunder that they were covering up all the cam coder- video- photo evidence, i now believe they never had them, i’m sorry for that, had i mentioned about distortions around the area and how many differences there were that morning they may have found this evidence of wormhole type tube, as i said they never looked, probably because of the size i mentioned the spaceship was. hundreds of cameras around the site, and in many different places, not sure if a camera in wormhole would show spaceship, pretty certain now the ones outside wormhole didn’t
    since that day i have had google alerts from any sightings from any newspaper around the world, thousands upon thousands of them trying to find one similar in size and shape and color, at first nothing then they started getting big,huge mother ships etc, then they started appearing through clouds, not thundery rushing clouds but close, i could have hit the spaceship with a catapult, it was that close, no noise, never see anyone, alien or other wise, tooted the vans horn loud three-times,maybe four, the M.O.D cameras would have picked that up to give exact time to the minute that day, if the wormhole allowed sound out, don.t know this.haven’t given this information out before because it was always my way of finding out if they ever showed me camera evidence that day and there was nothing on them visually i could ask them to turn up sound and hear my horn would verify the camera tapes were that days and probably the spaceship never processed in the camera?
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    Analogfrog Mpilo • 3 days ago
    pictures are long gone no kind of evidence of these things. Now we have to rely on hipnotic regression, or some similar memory extracting technique…..
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    bookerful . Analogfrog • 12 minutes ago
    yea well willing for that, believe that might work or help,have asked all the TV channels news channels Jeramy Carl for a lie detector test to prove we ain’t telling lies, they all back off when you tell them the size, all the cameras,etc, they not going to believe there’s evidence if its not come from a notable force-faction-institution

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