Metallic UFO Found On Mars

UFO on Mars

A curious individual found what appeared to be a metallic ship on Mars. An anonymous witness states that JPL has just completed its upgrade of MSLs software and announced that science can continue.

According to the witness, the word science may have different meaning when it comes to the exploration of Mars by JPL.

Referring to an object on Mars’ surface that look like a hubcap, the witness believes that NASA tried to hide a metallic UFO by altering the image using an editing software, such as Photoshop. The witness alleged NASA of cover up by obscuring the UFO with artificial rust pixel.

After removing the artificial rust pixel, the witness claimed to have seen a metallic spaceship on Martian surface. The witness believes that the rover encountered the mysterious ship but could not detect it with any of its so-called science equipment. The witness adds that the rover might have been busy drilling again and failing to notice the spaceship.

Do you believe that NASA has been hiding something related to aliens or extraterrestrials on the Red Planet?

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  1. Die Nasa ist entweder nicht auf dem Mars und spielt weiter die Lügenbrücke bis sie bricht. Oder sie lügen weil der Mars belebt ist und sie den Ansprucht erheben als neue Welt .Ich sage die Nasa lügt um Gelder vom Kongress zu rechtfertigen ,damit militärische Projekte geheim finanziert .

    • Let me be a good guy and translate your comment 🙂
      “NASA is either not on Mars and continue playing the lies bridge until it breaks. Or they are lying because Mars is alive and they raise the Ansprucht as a new world .I say NASA is lying to funds from Congress to justify so secret military projects financed.”

  2. It has to be understood, that this UFO is Huge one and that in this video few hundred smaller UFO-s can be seen!!! Use lens and observe it for some time, since even the photo is alive and changing, and they know who is looking !!!

  3. Doing everything they can at NASA to cover up anything which might show the truth and unravel the Department of Defense (NASA) coverup. Saw a tweet today that said it all; N-A-S-A – Never A Straight Answer!!!!!

  4. that’s just part of the landscape. it looks like all the other rock formations. or is that what THEY want us to believe?? really.

  5. When I was a kid, I read Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles and was fascinated by his vision of what life on Mars might be like. Now that we actually have spacecraft up there (or not) you’d think we might be getting some real answers. Instead the issue is murkier than ever. Even with photos! Are these photos being doctored? Maybe there are aliens and the military knows about it. Or maybe the whole mission is a fraud and the budget used for who-knows-what. How sad that our system is so corrupt we can’t trust anybody.

  6. IF that’s a crashed UFO (how do you know it ever flew?), it doesn’t have much symmetry to it.

    Instead of demonizing NASA, who brought you this image, why not just ask the questions and let us uneducated, uninformed viewers decide?

  7. I’m surprised nobody is commenting on what looks like a crash site at the 2:07 mark of the video. If you pause it and study this picture you can see obvious track marks from some huge machine, it appears to have drove right over the hill in front of the crash site, and there are other tracks to the left also. That hill should be smooth like the rest of it, instead it has been disturbed by some type of huge machine that left those tracks. These do not look natural to me, they definitely look like a machine of some type made them.

  8. You fellas know o’l fred and the mrs. got us a pretty good idea Mars was alive in the past inhabited by intelligent humanoids. Them fellas were a mean and nasty race, they destroyed their own planet in war. Then they moved on to earth, built monolithic structures, performed human sacrifice. Then they raised up a bunch a cone heads like o’l king tuts daddy. But them fella’s never did figure out how to build a 59 Caddy.

  9. I’m not convinced they are really there, well not with the rover or curiosity. Watch this interesting show on Richard D Hall’s website. This is a link to part one of the program. There’s some very interesting evidence of fakery. And lets be honest, NASA are famous for faking just about everything and covering the truth.

  10. I can understand why governments would keep whatever knowledge they may have about an alien presence on Earth a secret. Governments never like to admit that there is anything they are not in control of, or on top of. My personal belief is that many of the world’s governments are probably aware that there are extraterrestrials presently observing us; that a few of their craft have crashed and are being studied; and that the planet’s best minds have absolutely no idea or understanding of their technology, any more than would our ancestors’ best minds from,say, the 18th Cemtury, have been able to make any sense of an iPad or a Chevy Corvette.
    But I cannott see the reasoning behind their keeping a possible discovery of an alien artifact on Mars of the Moon secret,because such a discovery would immediately result in an astronomical increase in NASA’s budget. Besides, an alien craft, assuming that this is what it is, has obviously crashed (there even seems to be a dent in the object), maybe millennia ago, and such news would be far less dramatic than an admission that the aliens are here right now. The public would have a much less difficult time assimilating the news that aliens crash-landed on Mars ages ago, than they would, were they to learn that they’re flying around our planet on a daily basis, as we speak.

    • actually a discovery like that would immediately result in pandemonium upon earth. think of all the humans who would be so afraid and unbelieving, both about NASA and God. actually the God factor is the bottom line why governments will never reveal what they know about ufos. it all comes down to religion, i find, even more so than money.

  11. there has to be other , life in the universe, go read the old indian and the bible, I have seen a space ship when I was young, in south Africa.

  12. as i sad here as a hindu monk and in the vedas old hindu books,thousands years old say there are many ufos or vimanas soon all will know they are REAL !!!!!

  13. Another UFO crash. Wow, I think ET’s really pay a lot for their insurance. I think our Jet liners do better than their ships. Joke aside, has any one wonder about ET’s economy? Are some UFO’s just tourists? Do some of them come to harvest…whatever…There are many different models, are they displayed for consumption to the ET’s, or are they from different planets. I have seen a few and they were all different types or shapes. I don’t know what to make of them but they have been here for ever, and if they don’t make contact with our Governments they must have a practical reason for their visitations.

  14. I watched the video several times. Sorry but this is very hard to accept. I see something but is that really Mars? It can be someone’s staged backyard. With the technology today, You can have a photo of Elvis seated next to Clark Gable in the cockpit/bridge of a domed UFO. I’m not a skeptic, I just want the truth.

  15. I seen unexplained stuff with my own eyes. I need NO ONE to tell me what my eyes saw. but what’s the point of saying anything. NASA is fool of shit, along with our idiot government

  16. Why would the govenrments of the world be afraid to tell the people about these things?
    Because of religion? Why , what would that do? The Pope or Imam or whoever is head of the varying religions could easily calm down any fears engendered. God’s house has many mansions etc,.The Western world seems to be void of much religious beliefs these days anyway , more techniloghical, so where is the problem?
    Or is it loss of control of the Populace, and politics that’s at stake here?

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