Apparent Authentic Film Allegedly Shows Alien From Roswell Incident


UNCENSORED magazine claims a 1940s film was recently discovered showing U.S. military personnel carrying remains of an alien. The New Zealand/Australian magazine first posted the video to its website on January 22 by its editor Jonathan Eisen and uploaded to YouTube recently. Titled “Roswell Original Footage of Dead Alien Rediscovered by UNCENSORED Editor,” the video allegedly not only shows dead alien body, but also people who carried it out from the military ambulance to a particular place.

The post in the magazine cites the All News Pipeline, an alternative news website, as their source of the story. Indeed, the All News Pipeline published a story of the video on the 13th of January titled “Is This The Real Roswell Alien Footage?”

According to the source, the technical people of UNCENSORED did a frame by frame analysis prior releasing the footage online, and these people determined that the video was legitimate in every aspect. The source says that it has sufficient clues to ascertain that the footage came from the late 1940s.

UNCENSORED write up about the video states that the images from the footage were first posted on the magazine and adds that the complete footage itself has yet to be released by the magazine on the Internet.

However, this assertion has some problems including the fact that this footage has already made rounds on the Internet for years now. For example, the same footage was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 titled “Roswell 1947 Alien Footage – Copy of Original 1947 Footage…”

Additionally, similar footage appeared in 2006 comedy film titled “Alien Autopsy.” See it at the 1:07 mark of the clip from the movie.

The alleged Roswell footage has been around for years, but its authenticity has since been debated.

Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction, a famous television documentary in 1995, shows an apparent real alien autopsy from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. The man behind this documentary, London businessman Ray Santilli, claimed a former US military cameraman had the possession of the footage and that he bought it from him. But Santilli admitted that his television documentary only shows a recreated footage because the original one was damaged beyond repair. He claimed that the short black and white video shown in 2006 movie Alien Autopsy and recently featured by UNCENSORED is original and authentic footage.

Some firmly believe that the short film does show the real alien from the crash incident in Roswell, but others just can’t accept this possibility, including sculptor John Humphreys. According to Humphreys, Santilli hired him to make the aliens shown in the Alien Autopsy comedy. Humphreys added that he was also hired to perform the effects of black and white sequence.

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  1. what makes this “apparently” authentic? there are photos of stonehenge under construction going around, which look just as “apparently” authentic, but I’m pretty sure they are fake.

  2. With today’s technology and a Government that is more corrupt than the “Purple Gang”, we have little that we can trust to be authentic. I’m like “Fox Moulder”, “I want to believe…”

  3. The truth is the inimitable tv presenter Eamomn Holmes made a documentary [on youtube] about Santilli + the alleged alien footage [“Alien Autopsy” I believe its called], and his doc states that Santilli got the alleged original Roswell footage in the USA whilst searching for Elvis memorabilia and an ex-military guy offered him it, but the film[s] were old and falling apart and whilst some frames were allegedly used in the Santilli clip of the alien autopsy, some were reproduced the same as the alleged original footage for the doc. Which frames were allegedly original in the Santilli doc one can only surmise, of course, if kosher at all.

  4. Looks like the same rubber alien in the Santilli film! Also, why would they look as if they are naked if they had just been picked up and transported in an ambulance?
    Don people who claim to have seen aliens always describe them as having some kind of clothing or covering? I’m not convinced.

  5. If this is a genuine film made by the military, why is it so badly made? The overexpossure is the sort of excessive lighting you’d expect to have been made by a rank amateur, hardly the kind of quality you’d expect from a military photographer. You can barely see any details whatever. This is nonsense.

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