UFO Landing Pad In Hawaii

UFO Landing Pad In Hawaii

Sovereignty group Lawful Hawaiian Government constructed a UFO landing pad and the so-called Star Visitor Center on a rocky, lava field of Big Island to welcome ET visitors.

Waiting for space alien visitors is perhaps similar to the hope of reinstating the Hawaiian Kingdom of over 120 years ago. However, the Lawful Hawaiian Government made alien welcome pad last year, hoping that it could help advertise its cause.

According to Big Island coordinator, Garry Hoffeld, the idea of creating UFO landing pad is to announce to the world, as well as to the universe, that Hawaii is a neutral country and interested in making peaceful relationships with anyone in the world and even from outside Earth.

It appears that the group wants to let the people in the world know that the UFO landing strip is more a symbolic build than a literal UFO touchdown. The location was chosen for two major reasons; the natural beauty of the place and the proximity to Uncle Robert’s bar. The owner of the restaurant, Hawaiian noble Robert Keliihoomalu, built the E.T.-beckoning spot. Keliihoomalu believes that native Hawaiians were coming from Pleiades descended to Earth.

If aliens were going to visit Earth and make their presence known, hopefully they will realize that Hawaii would be a nice area to hold the welcoming party.

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  1. This is such a positive step. Thank you!
    (There is a way to contact the Pleiadians, just like the thousands in the past.
    Seriously, “THEY” are around now and doing well.
    -I have personally found out that, : “If you take company of one’s that have experienced sightings AND contact [abductees], you WILL have a tremendous advantage on being contacted” [in your sleep, or, other].My heart and Soul goes with this message of ultimate truth. They Pray. We PRAY. They CAN hear our Prayers. So can God.)
    We just need to listen. Thank you, again

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