Fast UFO filmed over Sydney, Australia 31-Jan-2015

Sydney UFO

New video of a very fast and huge UFO flying and making maneuvers over Sydney, Australia. This footage was taken on Saturday, 31st January 2015.

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  1. It is next to impossible to say due to the clarity if the sighting is real, it doe’s appear to have the similar flight patterns of a UFO however , I am interested in the other “flying” objects darting throughout the film. Still an interesting film.

  2. Once again a sighting without any way of verifying its reality. One way of demonstrating their role in human development within Sydney’s parameters is with a “CITY HAILSTORM” at peak hour which is a start at understanding their status and level of consciousness.More power to you….

  3. Not this guy again, lol. He’s always posting these orb videos, hundreds of them all over youtube. Nobody is that lucky, they have to be fake.

  4. to me it is real. how fast it goes, stops still, erratic patterns, plus the other ones darting across the sky. come on guys we know they are real and living among us. Open your eyes stop being so blind to what is around us. the government and defence lies to us. just look at all the evidence. i know lots are hoaxes but the real truth is that they are here and we need to embrace them in to our lives, not try to blast them out of the sky all the time. They are here to guide us. lead us into a better more peaceful earth.
    Love and hugs to all extraterrestrial beings out there xoxox

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