Linda Moulton Howe: ET Recurrection Annunnaki & Interdimensional War

linda howe

Join Dark Journalist as he interviews acclaimed investigative reporter, emmy award winning TV producer and star of Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM, Linda Moulton Howe in a special extended episode that delves deeply into her career of exposing the controversial alien reality.

In this rare and revealing, in-depth interview, Linda Moulton Howe explains her stunning conclusions after years of research about what the worldwide UFO abduction phenomena is really all about. She postulates that some of the off-world visitors may be trying to help humanity deal with other malevolent ETs that want to enslave the entire planet and are also in a desperate search to save their own dying species!

In a stunning revelation based on years of abductee testimony, she asserts that the aliens possess ET RESURRECTION Technology and that in their experiments of re-animating human life, they are seeking to help human souls master the consciousness of inter-dimensional travel and to stop us from completely destroying the delicate balance between worlds, dimensions and timelines.

She goes further and reveals that in ancient times humankind was improved through DNA genetic engineering by an interstellar race of Anunnaki space travelers that wanted to use them for slave labor but that two ET factions arose and battled over the future plight of the emerging Homo sapien and that the battle is raging on even now!

Howe recalls her rise to prominence as a young reporter covering the wave of cattle mutilations across the country and making the documentary “A Strange Harvest.” She recalls her personal struggle of fighting desperately to get the truth out about UFO encounters that quickly made her a target of intelligence surveillance by covert groups seeking to keep the truth on the ET reality hidden.

She also looks at the dark and foreboding trends of government suppression of the truth about UFOs and the erosion of public trust in the political leadership that is acting like puppets being run by a small group of elites that are hoarding reverse-engineered advanced alien technology and conspire to use it for global military supremacy.

Riveting, controversial, eye-opening, unnerving and overflowing with shocking revelations that have existential implications for the human race, this is the Linda Moulton Howe interview you’ve been waiting for!

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  1. Being that intelligent already, why wait so long, we have been a doss ell race until the 19th century when we stopped using sticks and rocks to get our way!! easy enough to conquer and enslave then and even if the reptiles are snacking on us wouldn’t they have done a better job of herding us like the cattle and sheep we are it’s a joke right all of a sudden we have new technology and we’re threatened by beings that have been herding us and growing us and only now think we are a threat, sounds like the greys lizards and inter dimensional being aren’t as smart as we think they have to join forces to win a war, come on they could have genetically engineered in a fail safe and if the Nephilim saw us humans to be attractive , then their taste in women must really suck or their women were so repulsive they could not as smelled as bad as ours, we were still in monkey state, something doesn’t fit

  2. Jeff Toberg your comment makes absolutely no sense. Do some research and open your mind a little before sounding like such an idiot.

    • as far as I can tell neither janet hosier or jon iverson have any insight as to what is right before them janet is not only hung up on spelling she offers no subject matter , just I misspelled docile, and jon Iverson sounds like he still believes in the church being our flock adviser, research evolution, if you have any kind of brain, and tell me at which point did “GOD”PUT IN HIS DNA to help us along the way,if you can describe the age or human level of development , may be you can get an idea of what the GODS saw in us that was so attractive! how is that for opening up your mind , you poor DOLCILE SHEEP!

  3. molton howe and icke all the same, desinformation to the real subject. starting senseless discussions so everybody involving themselfes get target of ridicule. reptilian shapeshifter, really? for f**** sake, bible fairy tales are more believable than that stuff! -.-

  4. Dark Journalist: would you like to become a better journalist?
    Don’t make inane comments, little groans, say pointless word (“yes”, “fascinating”, “right”, “wow”, etc.) – it is very distracting and unprofessional.
    Let the subject talk, and, ask pointed and insightful questions. It is not really a conversation (your “umms”, “ohs”, etc. only detract).

  5. Incredible interview with really deep concepts! Linda Howe is an amazing thinker and Dark Journalist is about the best presenter I’ve ever seen!!

  6. The interview makes no sense to me. She doesn’t present any evidence that anything she says is real. Just a bunch of facts about her credentials and nothing credible. And don’t get me started on the Dark Journalist. I’m not even sure he did the interview. He obviously edited himself into this video taped Linda Howe interview.

  7. Linda Moulton Howe is one of the bravest journalist in her field today. She has the passion to find out the answers to UFO encounters against all odds. I had the privilege of sharing just one of my many encounters. I never shared my encounters with anyone. I am getting old and time to share one encounter that she needed to know about. God Bless you Linda

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