Metallic object flying over San Antonio, Texas 27-Jan-2015

UFO Texas

This interesting UFO video of a metallic sphere-like object was filmed over San Antonio in Texas on 27th January 2015.

Witness report: This day was clear no clouds in sight..I notice this bright glowing light traveling at high speeds..So i grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation..When zooming in a Metallic Orb can be observed to be traveling in a Southeastern direction..It appear to reflect the suns rays with a shadow underneath..When zooming out you can clearly see as it travel at high seeds.It seemed to be under some sort of controlled. .You can see it as it travels Horizontal and in a Constant Speed….I did not hear any noise coming from this U.F.O…In my opinion this is a UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT clearly no weather balloon/aircraft or satellite.

Author (SAUFOTX @ youtube)

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  1. Interesting video,I rarely have a Theremin with me when I’m vide taping.
    BUt can’t help thinking the shape puts me in mind of a balloon.

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