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Your UFO reports: 24th January – 31st January 2015
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North Africa – 2.36am @ 31/01/2015
NASA ISS Live Stream – U-Stream
Located over sea near Libya and Egypt this super glowing UFO lights up the sky. Just switched over to ISS NASA and it was there at that moment.
Edinburgh- Hillend and Straiton Loanhead, UK – 30 January 2015
My wife and I were travelling from Danderhall to Straiton on our way to Asda along Gilmerton Station Road when we noticed a bright green light above the peak of the hill that the ski slope is situated on. The light rapidly changed in color and intensity from Green to red and rushed directly toward where we were driving.  I got my wife to stop on the road and I got out to watch.  The craft made no noise and was silent as it approached and settled in the sky stationary above us but to high to see any details other than the lights on the craft were now multiple there were 2 red lights and 2 green.
The craft stopped in the sky for a few seconds and then started moving off back in the direction of hillend ski slope at greatly varying speeds and altitudes.  It was fascinating to watch – like  nothing I have ever seen before.  i did try to video it on my Wifes phone but its rubbish quality all you can see is a colored dot moving on the screen I wish I could have recorded at the same resolution of my eyes then there’d be no doubt what we saw was a UFO.  It was moving much faster than the conventional aircraft which could also be seen moving in the night sky which were very slow in comparison with it being an approach to Edinburgh Airplort.  We watched as it moved up and down and back and forward at great speed colors changing occassionaly from Red Green Blue and white in no specific pattern.  At one point it was heading to Arthurs seat and came back.  Then eventually it moved of toward the horizon past Hillend and out of my view.  My wife and I were amazed.  I went on the
Internetas soon as i got home expecting it to be alive with reports of this spectacle but there was nothing, I cant believe that no one else has reported this so far.
Point N.C. – 29 jan 2015
This is crazy I just seen something as big as a building fly over High Point N.C around 7:25 pm
Above I-70 near Independence Missouri – 11:25 am January 26th, 2015
My daughter and I were travelling eastbound on I70 when I spotted it. I pointed and said “Look, a ufo!” She looked up from her phone and saw the same thing I did. It was triangular and silver. I slowed down and we watched it for about ten seconds. It was going south when it changed diriction to move east, then it just got brighter and just vanished. It was close enough that we could tell it was’nt normal technology that I’m familiar with. It turned on so perfectly without slanting just a quick turn.
Midlands, United Kingdom – 23 January 2015
Midlands UFOsHi there I wonder if you can help me make sense of these pics i took outside my house in the Midlands, United Kingdom.. only today… it was still light, around 4pm and a little cloudy.. my ten year old daughter spotted these ‘dots’ first on our way out so it’s certainly not my eyes.. The bigger one was floating and changing shape but not traveling or moving really.. just waning and flipping aimlessly.. almost like a limp bird in zero gravity, im sorry if it sounds absurd but its the best way to describe exactly what we saw.. The other dots on the left of them were completely motionless and consistently kept in the formation they were in the pic for some 20 mins that we saw til we stopped looking and continued on our travels.. Please find enclosed the three pics I took and a couple of close ups of those pics… please note on the 3rd pic with the houses in view (from a different angle) u can see some birds just above those houses and they look nothing like those dots just above them.. Anyway thnx in advance if you’ve read this far and I hope u can find a quite logical explanation for this encounter. Also you have to zoom right in and may find in uploading these pics it impedes the quality somewhat..
Ontario Oregon – 1/17/15
Saw 1 weird light that st first looked like star or planet, while unloading car with co-worker AT work, then realized it was not star or venus and then noticed 1 more about 2 arms lengths apart from my pov, then noticed within 20seconds they both moved fast and close and bright, looked straight above us and realized the 3rd point OF triangle was directly above me i yelled ran and called my gf to bring my gopro camera while co-worker recorded with phone, then s 3rd witness walking dog came up alley and we showed him, then watched for 15 min come close and far close and far, then gf and 4 kids ages 12~13yrs old pulled up and we showed them and everyone freaked out then about 15 more min ot disappeared, no noise, darker than rest of sky between points of lights, these were not anything natural or stars, each point was 5or6 tight lights in circle that could be mistaken as star if someone didn’t look closely, weird and 8 witnesses.
Rucumcari, New Mexico grandma s house – all day and night
Strange sound coming from mid air and threw the walls north 7th tucumcari new mexico
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  1. 9/2/2015 about 1.00 o clock was travelling on the bypass from Seafield to musselburgh when I saw a really bright light over Danderhall. At first I thought it was an EasyJet flight. But the landing lights were really bright! The sky was powder blue but there was a pure white cloud ahead of the image.
    The strange thing is the image didn’t proceed on a flight path like a plane. It never made the cloud cover with a speed I would expect. Instead it disappeared behind the cloud!!! I never took my eyes of the cloud which then evaporated!!! No sight of the light! Or any image. The sky was powder blue! Looking along the flight path of commercial craft heading to Edinburgh…. Nothing!!!!

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