Skyline cam catches UFO over Donetsk, Ukraine 24-Feb-2015

UFO over Donetsk

An unidentified light hovered over Donetsk’s skyline on Tuesday evening. Earlier in the day, anti-Kiev forces withdrew heavy artillery 50 kilometres (31 miles) away from the line of engagement in the Donetsk region, line with the latest Minsk peace agreement.

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  1. That could easily be the moon as the playback speed of the video has been accelerated.. You can see car headlights zipping about on the roads at mach 1.. The lights around the view also show the speed of playback…

    • i thought that too. but on tuesday evening the moon was not full, like this appears to be. unless of course the dates are a big lie, like i already caught them doing just the other day. so no it’s not the moon.

  2. why does the film stop there? if i or probably everyone else on earth was filming something like that i sure would have continued til something happened. maybe because the filmer discovered it really wasn’t a ufo?

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