Whitby Councillor Reveals An Alien Race Influences President Putin’s Decisions In The Ukraine Conflict


Alien race known as Nordics influences Putin, according to Councillor Simon Parkes during his talk in Wallsend.

Labour councillor Simon Parkes told a group of around 30 people in Wallsend, North Tyneside that there’s extraterrestrial intervention in Eastern Europe’s recent hostilities.

Coun Parkes, who previously made headlines after claiming that he had hundreds of alien encounters in his life, blamed a race of aliens he called the Nordics for Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine.

The North Yorkshire councillor said that Putin has gotten support from Nordics against perceived U.S. influences in the area.

He revealed that Putin had been one of those people advised by reptiles, but Nordics made a counter offer to the Russian president.

Parkes further claimed that Nordics’ technology is equal with the U.S. The Nordics, according to Parkes, told Putin that he doesn’t need to grant anymore what the Americans requested him to do.

The Whitby councillor also made another shocking claim to the audience at The Vault when he said that his legal father (in the eyes of the universal law) is a reptile.

Ahead of the session, Coun Parkes, who represents Stakesby, had made a comment about the video reportedly taken on Tyneside. It apparently shows a UFO hovering above the North Sea.

Parkes said that the video appears very genuine and the UFO looks like a diamond-shape alien craft to him.

Referring to the video, he said that it’s weird the aircraft remained there for so long. For him, the craft wanted to be seen. Looking at the video, Parkes believes it depicts alien life.

Coun Parkes also actuated controversy in 2013 when he claimed that he lost his virginity to an extraterrestrial at the age of five. But Parkes further claimed that this was not the first time he experienced alien life. The councillor said that when he was in his mother’s womb, he first experienced extraterrestrial life, and he has sexual dealings with an alien group at a maximum of four times a year.

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  1. This guy is part of the government in THE Ukraine? Are you serious?
    And you wonder why Putin wants to get rid of the government there?

  2. How to put this delicately…… This is a man who is perhaps “challenged”. It is unseemly to exploit him by publishing material like this.

  3. It would be easier to believe these articles if they were written by someone who has at least some college writing credits. The writing is juvenile which makes it hard to take seriously.

    • Oh Lordy. It’s not just the writing that makes it hard to take seriously! How is this guy still in office and how did he get in that position in the first place?

  4. What he is NOT tell you that these Nordics are also known as Archons which in reality are the Tall and short greys. As the former architect of the MATRIX they control the entire global governments including Washington DC, Pentagon, CIA, ect, ect. They engineered and executed 9/11 to provoke global conflagration in order to lock down and prevent human emancipation and ascension.

  5. again these little green black eyed friendly looking Hollywood type figurines.
    Get a grip…a full adult man with a drawing like that ? Who will take him serious…
    Take a good look In the History books…
    The war in the Ukraine is to conquer the ports and harbours that the Soviet Union lost during seperation of the Ukraine.
    Mr. Poetin need the harbours for his Naval troops..
    There is no involvment that can be conected to aliens…

  6. This guy is on alien acid! His narrative is extremely childlike and his imagination has followed him from the days of his 11th reincarnation!

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