Television Production Crew Records On Video A Hovering Large UFO Over Peru

UFO over Peru

The production team of the television show Alto al Crimen spotted a UFO hovering in the sky above Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. While filming for the show on the morning of February 10, Tuesday, several members of the production crew noticed a strange hovering object.

Peruvian Congressman and the host of the TV show Renzo Reggiardo was among those people in the production who witnessed the strange event.

The crew had just started filming Reggiardo for his program Alto al Crimen when the camera caught something that distracted the cameraman floating in the distant sky. The crew got curious about the floating thing, so they decided to postpone the filming for a few moments. They tried to take a better look at the mysterious aerial object.

The witnesses recorded the strange activity with their cameras and mobile phones.

Eduardo Chávez Guerra, one of the members of the production crew, uploaded videos of the object to YouTube. The videos appear to be recorded using a professional-grade camera and in 1080p quality. However, the UFO itself had no clear details visible in the videos. Many wondered why the production crew failed to use a tripod to get a better video of something so strange.

Some think the UFO that appears on videos is an awful computer-generated hoax, but it’s unlikely, although not impossible, that Congressman Reggiardo would let himself part of a hoax. Others believe that the UFO is a drone or a paraglider at the beach near the area. Some also suggested a plastic bag as the actual identity of the UFO. But witnesses stressed that these suggestions are unacceptable because the hovering object was too big and remained floating for nearly two hours.

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  2. So they have a professional photographer with the best equipment, and this is the best they could do? Those cameras are capable of getting a lot closer, this makes me skeptical. The cameras also have harnesses that stop camera shake, when shoulder mounted, they should have been able to get a very steady close-up of this object, but didn’t.

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