Are Phoenix lights back?

Phoenix Lights 2015

Check out this interesting UFO video of an unknown lights in formation. This was filmed over Phoenix, Arizona on 2nd February 2015. Very similar sighting wes recorded over Arizona a few days ago and there are also some resemblance to the famous Phoenix lights from 1997 and 2007.

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  1. The lights here are like what my wife and I saw outside Pheonix out Mid day with 100’s of us parked along the high way looking up. The state police were taking pictures. It was transparent with figures that looke d human or the like. Some said big heads. It went from transparent to just about normal, like it was going in and out. About 1978.

  2. They’re Baaaack, this is real and it is a true UFO or UFO’s but is it from out of this world…I don’t think so, I think someone has either an experimental craft of sorts or some kind of projection to show the lights again. It’s part of the Government’s disinformation program. Keep your eyes on the sky…
    Thank you

  3. In a word, no.

    What many people don’t realise is that the footage plastered all over the place apparently showing the ‘Phoenix lights’ is actually footage of the air force blowing off flares ‘after’ the actual sightings had been reported. Nobody reported individual lights lighting up one after the other and hovering then going out, as flares do. They reported seeing a massive solid craft slowly moving across the sky with a row of lights on the underside.

    This bullshit disinformation has to stop !!!

  4. Saw the exact same lights…here in Eloy..same night about 9.15 pm.There was 8 lights…was driving in car back from Coolidge…watched them for about 3 minutes before they dropped out of sight…I know they were not flares…

  5. Just because the lights are visible from this vantage point doesnt mean they are flares, more then likely we are seeing the craft from a different angle. If it was the bottom of the craft angled toward this vantage point we would see the V boomerang shape. There are many videos similiar to this just released that show the exact same structural formation and ultimately the craft witnessed in this video doesn’t indicate flares in the color of light or movement standards as some might say. This craft was witnessed by many from the west valley all the way to the east valley in mesa. Giving many different viewpoints to see the crafts lights as it hovers around the valley.

  6. On March 12th, 2012 did anyone else see the UFO right over I10 parrallel to 35th Avei at 6:13am? I was hovering or moving very slowly west, flying too low. It had a black dome on top that gave off light, giving a halo effect around it. The headlight was very bright, passing underneath it looked different than typical planes with red, blue and white lights. I didn’t want to be close to it, but it was rush hour and couldn’t get to the next lane. You can see them all the time in this area. Why? hot springs that go through this area from tonopah and to the East might be the connection. Sightings are increasing big time. I don’t bother to look for them anymore, but spot them when not expecting it. Read Mothman Prophesies. Many questions will be answered.

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