A Video Showing A UFO In A Blazing Speed Above California Creates Online Buzz

California UFOs

A short video showing unidentified flying object shot from approximately 80 meters above the ground in Silicon Valley, California has been debated online after it was made available in Reddit and YouTube.

YouTube user 1Darmino posted the video on Saturday, March 7, 2015 with the title “UFO Caught in 4k with Drone.” Another version of the video posted by user gwhiz2k to YouTube features a zoomed-in slow motion version of the original video. It makes the fleeting passage of the UFO more visible than the original footage.

In a slow motion video, a small white object can be seen streaking across the sky at a very high speed over California’s Silicon Valley from the right to the upper left of the video screen.

Even in slow motion, the object appears so fast that one can’t still see it if not vigilant enough.

1Darmino said that he has no idea about the UFO, and he is not sure whether it is a hummingbird, bug, reflection or alien spacecraft. He claimed that he did nothing to deliberately cause a UFO in the video.

Debates have sparked in YouTube and Reddit with suggestions ranging from insect to bullet and CGI hoax to reflection of some sort.

One commenter says that it is like a reflection being cast on the mountainside that causes the UFO image judging from the angle of the sun.

One user argues that it is not a reflection because it increases in size as it gets closer, like an object as we know it.

Another suggestion is saying that it is not a bird or bug because it apparently travels at incredible speed based on the size and distance of the object from the camera.

Another commenter believes that it is a work of a CGI that causes the image of a UFO in the video.

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  1. when a person claims a ufo sighting and then puts out a video that says private, THAT SCREAMS fake. why bother 1Darmino, why? if you don’t know what it is just don’t bother to put on your claim.

  2. I think that people who dont tell the truth or who steal or post fake videos are all criminal bastards. I cant believe people believe in ufos, of course somebody somewhere will believe those bogus ufo videos so now we have mass hysteria. IthinkIhaveanothertyperealpsychomodewhereallthewordsIwritearebuncheduptogettherrrrrrrmystomachcantstopshaking………………. Ok, now I feel better. Wow !

  3. Your videos could do without advertisement in the same window. It defeats the whole purpose of showing a great shot of a UFO, then by ruining it all with another advertisement. Don’t we have enough advertisement already ?

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