Evidence Of The 1947 Roswell UFO Incident May Just Come From The Attic

Roswell alien

A new compelling details of the popular UFO incident in 1947 may be found in pictures that were kept secret for 25 years, which will be revealed in Mexico. People at the UFO Museum in Roswell are patiently waiting for the slides since the announcement of their scheduled revelation a couple of months ago.

The photos will become available to the general public in May. They say that the slides found in an attic in Arizona in 1989 were authentic, including a picture of an alien.

Bernerd and Hilda Ray were reportedly the owners of the photos. Bernerd reportedly worked as geologist in the Roswell area. Both of them already died.

Many people at the UFO Museum are thrilled about what the slides can bring to the table whether they present new compelling evidence or just another blurred or clear altered photos.

Stories about aliens have been fascinating people. A single substantial evidence indicating that other beings are out there in the universe is exciting.

While the photos remain mysterious, one UFO investigator already considered them smoking gun evidence.

However, UFO Museum Executive Assistant Karen Jaramillo is skeptical saying that it is difficult to believe that they’re from Roswell. She explains that the only known information at present to them is that the photographs are from between 1947 and 1949.

The public can access the photos online through live streaming or by going to the National Auditorium in Mexico City on May 5, 2015.

The museum announced that there will a presentation on the photos in Roswell in July during the UFO Festival.

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  1. Why wait until May to post the pictures? Sounds like a publicity stunt to me. Displaying them in Mexico gives it even less credibility.

  2. Of course all of the pictures will be blurry and out of focus. You would think someone thats taking pictures of aliens for the military would know how to focus a camera. Just more fake bullshit.

  3. The delay in their release says enough by itself… just an avenue to rake in the attention so that when they come out, money will be made hand over fist.
    But… for the heck of it, imagine if they were real with the forewarning of release. Can anyone imagine that they would even be allowed to make it to the public?

  4. It’s simpel the interest is what do they look like anatomicaly !
    Anyone can do a better photoshop !
    What are the muscles consist of
    What’s their bonedensity of thay haven bones
    How are their intestines partitioned how do the digest !

    I could do a better photo shop !
    Pics don’t mean NOTHING in this ! !

  5. It’s simpl; the main intrest goes to what tey look like anatomacily ?
    What their muscles consist of, human muscle or something else ?
    What is their bone density, if they have bones at all !
    How does their intestins work, how and what do they digest ?
    None of that, calls suspicion to a photoshop creation ! ?

    Pics can only tell one just as much !

  6. Im know their are out there,I saw their craft several time,are not from this world ,them coming and go everytime,the sat of everything is that we no realized that our planet is dead day by day,our water is poisoned for our unresponsibility,im sat for the generationd that coming after us,.ET know about it. Wake up people this planet is our home.

  7. Unless there is verifiable proof that this is the real deal,I’d take this with a grain of salt and yes with all the c.g.i. videos that are now on the internet, practically everything is now dubious and this kind of pranksterism makes me question whether people are really ready for the truth.

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