Fleet of UFOs caugt on tape over Antioquia, Colombia 17-Mar-2015

colombia ufos

Here’s a new daytime UFO video of a multiple bright objects flying across the sky above Antioquia in Colombia. This was taken on Tuesday, 17th March 2015.

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  1. Not sure what the objects are, they don’t look or act like chinese lanterns or drones. Also intrigued by a ‘black object in the left hand corner at 1.26. This was in the centre of light clouds, against the blue background . Could be dust I suppose, but the camera was cenred on the glowing lights so the shape of this other object couldn’t be made out. Anyone got other ideas on what this is?

  2. at 1.26 into the video, can anyopne see what the small black object is?
    I do not think the glowing lighta are lanterns or drones. They do seem to be travelling in different directions, but that could be due to layers of wind or thermals.

  3. Great video. I have witnessed (a few times) these kinds of objects in between a clear sky and clouds. Mostly viewed 3-5 of them at one time, though. I was able to get some of pictures of them, but haven’t reported these incidents as of yet. It’s really interesting to watch them and watch how they move, especially at the rate of speeds that they can go. Blazing speeds at times, then they instantly stop and dive in different directions. Pretty cool to observe and it’s something you don’t ever forget.

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