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Your UFO reports: 14th March – 21st March 2015
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Washington state interstate 5 near Everett – March 17, 2015
Red lights in a circle hovering above the freeway after about 3 minutes they sped off and disappeared.
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Las Vegas, NM 87701 – 03/14/15
Was a clear night and something stood out beyond the stars  that night. Took out my tablet and started taking pictures of our glorious sky
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Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. – sun.1.feb.2015.
This is one of several alien craft filmed,this being a Celestial Starship,1.25mls.,to E,unnder 1,000ft.,alt.,and probably interstellar.See vid.,one of 249,some multiple on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,MVI_5845. htttp:// ,or if censored,scroll to url. Or try,Robert Newton@astralaeos,on Twitter,or,Google,Robert Newton ufo.I have lots more film.19mls.,E,of Liverpool.PS.It is also a Rainbow Starship.hAVE ALSO PUT THREE REPORTS on your forum,but only one has so far come on!
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Dipolog City, Philippines – September 2011
Philippines-ufoTaken entirely by accident trying out my new digital camera. Was taking photo of the moon at the time and later noticed unusual object when I viewed it on my laptop.  Photos have been enhanced.
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  1. I live in Prescott, AZ. While sitting on my deck(March 24, 2015, at approximatly 7:30/7:32 p.m., mountain time), and looking at the sky to the east, I saw a very bright round light in the sky (clear skies) that advanced…then hesitated…advanced…then hesitated (which it did four times). Then it disappeared. The object was heading from the south directly north. I stayed on the deck for an additional fifteen minutes to see if it would return or continue on. I’m curious if anyone else saw this phenomenon. I did not have time to run into the house and get a camera or my telescope. I am an amateur astronomy student. This was real. (I did jokingly tell me husband that if I was missing the in morning they came back to get me.) Please, did anyone see anything?

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