UFO being towed near Area 51, Nevada – 21-Mar-2015

Area 51 UFO

This video is becoming very popular right now! It was allegedly recorded near Area 51 in Nevada on Saturday, 21st March 2015. It looks like a military trucks are transporting some kind of a huge disc-shaped UFO.

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    • Hardly a UFO. If you’ve ever been to Area 51 or the surrounding area, you know it’s nothing but rock, dirt, Joshua trees, and very, very empty and rural. There are certainly no fueling stations in the area let alone green grass. Yes, I have been in that area twice (March 1996, August 1997. This video is a hoax!!!

    • Probably old news from December, 2011 redressed from the transport of an X-47B built by Northrop Grumman. cnet.com/news/so-what-was-the-ufo-that-panicked-kansas/
      “…But much to their disappointment, a spokesperson for aerospace company Northrop Grumman revealed the suspected UFO was actually an X-47B, an unmanned combat drone the navy hopes to land on aircraft carriers.”

  1. Interesting. I doubt that this happened March of 2015. The gas prices on the sign suggest an early time period, prior to gas prices coming down

  2. Does the camera operator work for Disney or possibly the Twilight Zone ?
    Twisting that last joint was not a good idea, Sparky.

  3. If those are the gas prices on the sign in this video, then it wasn’t taken on Saturday as there are no gas stations that high right now!

      • LUFO’s copy the vids and information given by the original posters on youtube. So it is the original posters lying and faking not LUOF’s. I just wanted to point that out, Janet 🙂

  4. i find it hard to beieve that any country working so hard to keep this from the public would openly transport a ufo from place to place uncovered and also why did they not use to network of tunnels underground to move it, a very good video but it seems a bit set up and that ufo is probably plastic and going on display at the mall lol

  5. Sure. The US military budget ran out, and they could not afford a transport cover.
    Have a look in Disneyland or other for this saucer….

  6. None of the vehicles shown here are military. Not the truck, not the civilian police cars and not the standard pickup truck with the camper (nice touch) that appears to be one of those for hire freelancers you are required to hire to lead you when you are a civilian trucker running on an a common oversized load permit when something exceeds 8 feet wide. In addition to the usual problem with submissions to this site, which is the use of a crackerjack box prize camera, they need to get somebody to proofread for them. The attempts at written English never make it.

  7. best laugh of the day. probably the Jetson’s home going to an amusement park. LUFOS PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR a#^*!es !!!!

  8. best laugh of the day. probably the Jetson’s home going to an amusement park. LUFOS PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BEHIND!!

  9. Come on now we all know that the military would never ever haul a U.F.O. uncovered for everyone to see. Remember they keep everything covered up total deniably. Top Security no one is never to be told the truth.

  10. A drone? Why would the government make drones that look like flying saucers??? Its obviously a prop for a film or something like that.

  11. A drone? Why would the government make drones that look like flying saucers??? Its obviously a prop from a film or something like that, wake up ffs

  12. its not hard too see it is some kind of a display..maybe for some new store or amussment park or something…the reason for the night time movement is because of traffic,I am an ex trucker,,its not uncommon to do this..

  13. why do people turn cells, ipads, any type of media gadget, sideways and not notice that?? i do not get that at all.

  14. It is an object. You cannot identify it. No one know if it can fly. Is it from outer space? Probably not. It’s on a trailer. Probably a movie prop,

  15. Yes correct !!!! , somebody wrote above that UFOs dont have wheels and tires, and I see it´s the same to me. Sí correcto !!!, alguien escribió arriba que los OVNIS no tienen ruedas y llantas, y yo lo veo igual.

  16. Well it turns out this is NOT a hoax. It also is not a U.F.O. While It may or may not have been photographed anywhere near Area 51, which ads lots of fluff to the story, what the thing actually is, turns out to be a test flight prototype of a U.S. Navy drone on its way from the California builder to the Naval Air Test Station at Pawtuxet River, Maryland, where it will be prepared for near future Aircraft Carrier landing qualification tests at sea. Not only does the Navy confirm this, but published press releases on the upcoming event preceded the sighting and report of the craft in transit.

  17. It’s a x-47b drone, which is exactly what the navy states and provides a high-resolution photograph of it being delivered to an Air Force Base brand-new with the wrapper still on it in this following link.

  18. Hello everyone,
    This may not be a UFO, as no one would transport a UFO like that. As for the police escort, yes, it may have some sensitive technology.

    As for Area 51, as a layman let me observe this. For than 60 years, the newspapers are printing on the UFO / Alien subject. Normally, media can change Governments. We have seen that power through out the world. Only some out of the box investigation can bring out the truth. But everyone is Governed by Law. So, how do such people go about ? Well, there is no real denial by the authorities concerned about UFO/Aliens etc. Any such denials are only token or half hearted. This would show that there is no smoke without fire. We are not fully informed. A proper white paper on the subject is never issued. See, if installations are sensitive, they can be covered to a large extent and the citizens can be shown as to what is real and what is a story. This also would never happen. We as friends and citizens through out the world deserve to know more.

  19. The millitary are like little boys that love to pretend, unfortunate they have a lot of the world confince they have alien locked up and like to have toy ufo getting towed around the country side, i think the alien are having good old laugh about it all.

  20. It’s the new “sports model” for 2016 being delivered to Bob Lazar. I wish the photo was better so I could see the sticker price on the window.

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