SETI Pioneer Believes Sending Out Signals In The Milky Way Makes No Sense


Many believe that it makes no sense to send out signals to search for ET life because of the idea that their existence started millions of years ahead of humanity, which makes them advanced enough to monitor Earth thousands of years. The idea believes that aliens saw bonfires set by ancient Egyptians and other Earthly activities around that time.

Astronomer Frank Drake is one of those people who are against sending out signals to search for extraterrestrial life because, for them, it makes no sense at all.

Drake was behind the first modern hunt for ET life in the 1960s and also the Drake equation, which quantifies the number of civilisations in Milky Way based on probability.

Currently, researchers at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) are listening out radio signals rather than sending them to potentially habitable planets. The search for intelligent alien life has received mix reactions with some saying that mankind might end up coming across an alien race that can do more harm than good.

Drake, 84, stated in a recent interview that he is against sending out signals not because of fear that evil aliens might know about mankind and when they do, they will come and invade our planet. Drake explains that he is against sending out signals because aliens have known humanity more than we know ourselves. So, sending out messages to let them know our existence makes no sense, according to Drake.

Drake said that aliens want mankind to be aware of their existence, so the efforts of listening to signals are more reasonable than sending out messages. He explained that aliens are doing us a favour to communicate with them, and it is up for humanity to listen what they want to tell us.

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  1. wrong, there are many not as advanced as us and many more advanced…and those that are around our own progress…send them.

  2. Smart man.
    Let SETI use funds to listen to these messages that are being received, then let the rest of the world know what they are trying to tell us. Pretty simple, really.

  3. The saying- “best to be thought a fool by remaining silent, than speak up thus removing all doubt.”
    Best to stay quiet I think.

  4. with do respect to Dr Carl Sagan He also didn’t believe that we where being visited but clearly we are .But Dr Steven Hawkins said when your in the woods alone you don’t cry out just sasying

  5. Course its pathetic… everyone knows they’re already here. Its like sending an S.O.S from aboard the rescue vehicle.

  6. This is so true cuz why need to seek for Alien in space when they already here? Unless SETI has never believe that Alien have been visiting earth and if so then why the need to seek for them in space. Plus, most of earth Ufo sightings were their displaying of light, sometimes in many different colors but rarely in radio frequency. If SETI truely want to make contact with them then I could point out the exact hot spot where I & others have witness their appearance about 5 times during my 5 years span of residency in Escondido, San Diego.

  7. SETI is just a hudred and fifty million dollar smokescreen set up to make the gullible public think that the government is looking for ET when most UFO investigators know that the government has known about extraterrestrials since the 40’s and have probably been interacting with them since the 50’s.

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