UFO Sighting Video In A Peruvian City

UFO Peru

A mysterious humanoid UFO was caught in a video footage maneuvering in the skies above the city of Puerto Maldonado in Peru earlier in March. Posted on March 15 by Dr. Anthony Choy, the video has since garnered a number of views.

Choy is an investigative journalist and radio producer as well as the host of Viaje a Otra Dimension radio program. He is also the Peruvian Association of Ufology’s (APU) national coordinator. He is believed to be influential in forcing the Peruvian government to release classified UFO documents.

The UFO in the video is said to be the same with the November 2010 sighting widely known as Flying Humanoid Encounter. The video, recorded by television and radio producer Cesar Rodriguez, shows a flying humanoid with apparent head, torso, arms, and legs. After 5 minutes of sighting, the unusual object simply vanished into the clouds over the city.

The South American skies have been flown by UFOs lately. Just a couple of days ago, a UFO was observed during an evening news in Columbia. Earlier in March, a flying object was caught on cam by a television crew during a TV show.

There have been many UFO sighting reports in the skies of Brazil and Argentina. The latest sightings left many baffled. Since convincing answers are yet to be given, those recent UFOs remain unidentified.

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  1. It could possibly be a kite, with the camera movement and possible objects movements it’s hard to tell. It certainly qualifies as an Unidentified Flying Object!

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