Interesting footage of a two UFOs in the sky above Buenos Aires, Argentina 13-Apr-2015


New footage of a two bright unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above Buenos Aires in Argentina. This happened on Monday, 13th April 2015.

Witness report: Parallel formation of double UFO over Argentina ” 19; 25 RA: 6.56 Dec: -15.32 Where is opened the mysterious gleam of two UFOs, which were recognized to watch the team in infrared mode, so we next the Sirius Star “, an interesting record was achieved where both Lenticular of undoubted orbital attitude they moved towards the “North” but very interesting was observing traveling alongside each other (No, one after another as in most cases equally strange is inferring UFO Unidentified orbital elements), quickly Satelites lists( Heaven ) without any matches were compared, in these time zone offset guideline. The only next satellite but still far from this double orbiting (very unusual) was located in the deepest listings, and those invisible to the human eye, treatment of a Sat Cosmos Rocket 1736 19:30 that ought to have its passage to the North (only North on the schedule) with a magnitude “4.7 Ordinary ” almost on the stars of Alnilam, Alnitaka (the Three Marias) guideline orbital movement “very distant to double phenomenon orbital reported here, real UFO ? They are left here the first pictures and details of this eventual report.

Source: mufon

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