Amazing UFO video: Triangle formation near a plane over Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta UFO plane

Check out this UFO video of a triangular-shaped formation of orb hovering near a plane. This was recently filmed by a an airline passanger over Atlanta in Georgia.

What do you think about this sighting? Real or a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. I believe this is a video that was posted before, but it had English speaking people talking about the encounter or maybe this was another passenger that shot this video. None the less, I think the video and many others will prove to most that we aren’t the only ones up there in the sky traveling.

  2. Interesting.I wonder why the triangle formation? It’s not like the lights are attached. and of course if the pilots saw them they would be afraid to say so in case they were grounded. They look like what WW2 pilots described as ‘Foo Fighters’.

    • pilots do not get grounded for seeing and reporting ufos. in fact , pilots report sightings to ground control all the time. it is the pilots who choose to or not to publicize it. some don’t believe. most do, and have witnessed.

      • I recently watched a documentary on pilot sightings and most of them said they would not report sightings as it could affect their careers. And the famous, Japanese sighting where both pilots saw the same thing, were actually grounded for a year. According to the documentary.

  3. Well, is too good to be true? Unfortunately, likely so. But we carry on! I do see these types of contact as real possibility for the lead directly into our realities.

  4. Questionable, you’d have to see if it were water droplets out the window, which happens frequently, or maybe refraction of the planes lighting in those very moist clouds you also see. ??

  5. I’ve seen something similar to this too. It’s a just some light reflecting on the glass of the aeroplane, or just some dust on the lens of the camera. There’s nothing on the video that screams alien.

  6. I have seen similar (but stationary in the sky) I saw them together with 3 other people. They then just disappeared after about 10 mins. We were very close to a nuclear power station at the time

  7. When the camera follows the lights to the edge of the window on the right..he pulls the camera back and notice that the lights go back with the camera. Have to question this video. Maybe someone can explain why that would happen.

  8. All I have to say is don’t take your eyes off the sky you’ll see yourself… We are not alone. My family don’t believe me. Iv notice since 2006 my first UFO, then couple yrs later a ghost. And I remember having déjà vu since I could remember things also.. didn’t know what to think. But now iv notice lil more of everything. Anyway UFOs :/ Seen like 10 last night me and my bf were outside and what we thought was a plan turns right back around out of no where it was pretty high in the sky and then noticed it had 3 lights white blue and red they’d only blink with the same color never two different colors at once but then it met another one and another one that came from nowhere then more and more far away just doing whatever in the sky, planes were even around buy weren’t moving nothing that fast or quiet in the sky. It started freaking me out. Iv never seen that many. They were popping outta nowhere and reappearing or speeding off. I thought it was so crazy how we were the only ones to notice in town. I live in a really small little country town in Oklahoma in the middle of nowhere. All they had to do was go outside at 9:30-10:30pm and look northwest in the sky. Even if I did tell them they’d think I was crazy. So I’m telling you guys lol ugh I wish everyone would wake up! :/ wish I caught them on video but my camera sucks. I think they want something our planet has because they messed up theirs with all the technology they made. I started thinking maybe were not here to populate and pay bills. For instance deja vu and ghosts which iv also discovered (don’t like it honestly, I think someone’s tryna to show me a bigger message and I get!). Its funny how people are blinded by tv entertainment and luxury. I thought about posting on fb that I seen a few (UFOs) after my phone got charged and couldn’t sleep and everyone had posted hair styles, movie night, awards, prom, basketball, killer cops, tattoos, that stuff its interesting yeah.., but this planets dying, people are disrespectful and lazy

  9. I do not know what anyone else thinks but I feel like this is angels as shown in the video they do not appear to be threatening I would like to think this is a message to the human race to spend more time caring more about one another and less killing one another. This video gives me hope that god still thinks there is hope for the human race and a sign for anyone who chooses to notice it.

  10. calling CGI till I see the WHOLE vid where they come into frame, appears to be synching issues, and generally bland and digital look to the light flares, sorry

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