Two linked UFOs over London, UK 12-Apr-2015

london ufos

This video was just reported to me. It’s showing a two linked lights hovering in the night sky above London, the capital and most populous city of the United Kingdom. Recorded on Sunday, 12th April 2015.

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  1. if you saw something with your own eyes that your cam didn’t capture, how do you describe these lights as “linked”? they are not.

  2. This is a common sight. I saw these lights, at exactly the same angle, hovering over Swindon, Wiltshire. UK. They were much closer than this video shows and I didn’t have a camera or phone with me. I watched them as I drove slowly towards my place of work, easy to see as they were so big. There was no outline to the lights and they never moved or made a sound. I had to make a sharp turn and when the car straightened up, they had disappeared. Strange. What I find amazing is that apparently, no one else seemed to notice even though It was obvious that I was watching or looking for something. Did I imagine the lights? No, I certainly did not.

  3. wake up isend of.timethey are sotrue..belev or notpsicopat will see the london dawn oqean..isnt away..becouse you havent Hod…you are nothing are.falco

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