UFO activity over Coronado, California 29-Apr-2015

California UFOs

New footage of a strange lights hovering above Coronado – Bay Area in California. This happened on Wednesday, 29th April 2015.

Witness report: Weirdly shaped geometric object, rectangular-square-ish. Many different color lights, a few blinking ones.seemed to stay stationary for very long period of time I saw this on the local news, the object seemed to stay stationary for more than 2 hours, very oddly shaped unlike any other shaped UFO I’ve seen, the UFO had many different colored lights … A few seemed to bling with a patern. The local news called the military and the military “did not give an answer”

Author (source: mufon)

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    • That’s right, but as little as you like it, you might agree that chinese lanterns doesn’t blink and certanly not stays in formation, anyway, this looks great

  1. Two hours! If something so huge as that stops neer my house the first thing I do is start screaming for every one else to see it. It was a very good idea to film the news on the tv set that way we can all share it since it was local news. This should have been in all the major news.

  2. Cluster of warheads in a controlled burn off? The one flashing light the Craft that is doing the burn off?

    Thank you Sir Casper

  3. wow this video really got to me! that is AMAZING. reminds me of the huge ship in the movie District 13; just parked up there!!

  4. I’d think, something in the same area for two hours, would precipitate either Law Enforcement and/or Military response? Either, it’s ours or Military and Law Enforcement officials know it’s a waste of time and possibly Dangerous to harass the Visitors?

  5. I’ve looked at the original video, and seems like the lights in the sky are the reflection of all the pattern of lights on the ground, as there’s a glass reflecting them somehow, there’s even same red blinking one on the ground, so I don’t know if to believe that other people saw it, in the original video there’s also on top kind of a frame holding something, so for me it’s just a weird reflection

    • where’s the original video? and why in heaven’s name would anyone want to go to the trouble of suspending a piece of glass in the air? something that would be catastrophic if it fell or if a plane hit it! a frame? no, this isn’t a circus act. i also don’t know what to believe. it looks very real but there’s no media on it.

  6. Impressive! At the same time, if it was visible for close to 2 hours how come there is not one person who had a high powered telescope with recording capabilities that has even better close up shots of this phenomenon? The local news maybe?

  7. I,ll go along with the Chinese lantern theory. Everything from the “burn” fell or dropped. Nothing moved sideways or erratically. As the the candles started to burn out the heat would dissipate causing the lanterns to descend. Still night, not much breeze,not even much of trick. TiEd together with thread

  8. I’ve been in San Diego since 1960 when I was assigned to MCRD for recruit training in the USMC, Then I found myself spending all 4 years of my enlistment there. After my release from active duty I stayed in San Diego. After about 2 years working in private industry I was found a job working for the Federal Government (DOD) and worked at Naval Air Station North Island that is on Coronado Island. I spent near 30 years there.
    Something that kind of bothers me is that I have seen UFOs in the sky at night time from my backyard when I owned a home in San Diego on the Lemon Grove city line. Those UFOs were North of where I lived and only seen some nights. There were usually 2 to 4 at a time and not every night if I went outside. They would fly in circles, make zig zag maneuvers, fly out of formation and back in, disappear and then re-appear. I did not report nor take photos of them. There are several military bases plus a large civilian airport on or near the bay in the article. North Island Naval Air Station is on Coronado Island and there are several other Naval stations around the bay. It appears to me that the UFOs want to be seen as they have been around here for many years, regardless of what many people or organizations say in public.
    You can look at a map of San Diego county and check out what is located around the bay area. There are other military bases in the county area.

  9. for a 2 hour phenomena there seems to be little comment from media and other sources which, to me, sounds like cover up, or, these lights could only be seen from a certain angle, which would mean reflection. Lanterns do not stay stationary for 2 hours but without more footage its hard to determine. It would help to know what happened to these lights…….did they descend slowly, which would probably mean man made, or did they fade out or take off, which would put them in the ufo category.

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