Cigar-Shaped UFO Caught On Strange Video Hovering Above Mexican Volcano

volcano ufo

UFO means an unidentified flying object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no scientific explanation can be found. On May 3, 2015, the emerging video of a cigar-shaped UFO hovering over Mexican Volcano, just about 43 miles south east of Mexico City was recorded. In recent years, Mexico was seen as one of the countries who have several high profile UFO sightings, including one that is uncovered by journalist Jaime Maussan.

What Does the Cigar-Shaped Object Looks Like?

It appeared as a black oblong-shaped object flying near the clouds. Although it was initially difficult to distinguish, the form became apparent as the image was enlarged, appearing as an oblong, indistinct black form. This mysterious cigar-shaped object is large in size, and it is surrounded by strange lights. Technically, this object is unidentifiable, which means it’s a ‘genuine UFO’.

What Others Are Saying?

This mysterious object was seen hovering over the mouth of Popocatepetl volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico. This UFO would trigger another round of debate between skeptics and believers in the existence of alien life or government conspiracy. Several skeptics said that the “ship” looks like a stratospheric weather balloon. Some believed that the video is a cigar-shaped object that might be a solar balloon. There was also one who claimed it showed a grounded flying saucer with aliens moving around it. However, this did not stop the true believers from pointing out that their judgments did not match up. After all, the height of the weather balloon wouldn’t be as large.

In most cases, UFOs cannot be identified because of the low quality of evidence related to the sightings. The objects could not be seen with the naked eye, and neither ground personal nor the crew on board confirmed any radar contact with the object in question.

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