Unsolved riddle: Speculation abounds after B.C. UFO sighting

BC UFO Sighting

On a Monday night in Esquimalt, B.C., Canada, two weird items shooting around the sky were seen by Brian Cooper and wife, Melissa. They promptly recorded what he asserts as likely a mystery military vehicle or perhaps an evidence of an outsider life utilizing his PDA. Cooper included that the articles initially showed up around 8:30 p.m., one soon vanished, however, the other continued flying over the zone, including over Esquimalt’s Navy base. He portrayed it as being as large as a Volkswagen, quickly flying like an automaton and its roundabout specialty had lights that spun in all headings.

Beside the couple, Veralynn Weaver who additionally saw the sensation, said that she also can’t clarify it and included, that she has experienced childhood with army installations yet never seen anything like that.

Despite the fact that the Navy base declined to watch the feature, they affirmed that there were no military flights of any sort close to the base on Monday and neither the Victoria nor Saanich police had gotten any reports about the marvel.

Dr. John Willis, a material science and stargazing educator at the University of Victoria said that it is difficult to focus the precise protest in the sky after viewing the grainy and unsteady PDA feature. He doubtlessly can hardly imagine how it could be an outsider frame and said that it could more probable be an automaton however couldn’t be demonstrated with the nature of the confirmation.

David Carlos of Victoria Air Photos & Survey, a specialist in automatons, said that what Cooper saw was a UAV ramble, multi-rotar, electric air vehicle. And in addition Willis, he said that it couldn’t be an outsider shape either, yet never a 100 percent.

The Coopers, unsatisfied with the clarification, remained doodads and would without a doubt need to divulge the genuine character of what they saw outside their flat.

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    • Hi Janet, well, see, u right about my English not being that good, but when I read words and phrases like these, written supposedly by a native English..that’s funny..look Janet my novel blog has changed address, now it’s at quasialien.wordpress.com , you are one of the people I would like to have an opinion on that, drop by it please when u have a minute, cheers M.

    • LOL, I was thinking the same thing, what are they talking about? Doodads? Outsider shape? LOL, now that’s funny.

  1. They never said just how long the thing was flying around, that would narrow it down a lot if we knew that. The battery in those drones only last for so long, so if it was flying for more than a half hour or more, it was probably not a drone. I wish we knew how long it was up there.

  2. I myself recorded on my videocam something that’s got me perplexed in every way.this bright light that’s very very low has been in our night skies for the past five days and when I zoomed in on this light it radiated different colors and whats weirdest is the shape of a skull inside.Anybody have any answers before I post it.

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