Former Obama Pilot Says Virtually All Pilots Believe In UFOs

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Original article air date: April 13, 2015

Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger, who have 28 years of experience in the cockpit, claims to have spotted unidentified white disc hovering in the sky while on a routine flight across America. Danziger, who flew US Barack Obama in 2008 campaign tour, further asserts that virtually all pilots believe in UFOs.

The American pilot says he encountered a white disc floating through the sky during his flight in April 1989 between Kansas and Iowa. He reportedly saw the mysterious aerial disc transformed into a giant red ball and glowed for approximately 30 seconds before completely disappeared into the clouds.

Danziger says that the captain also witnessed the UFO for around 40 minutes before it started to change colour and vanished.

According to Danziger, the UFO looked the same to the moon faintly visible through the thin fog. He says that they had no idea about what they had saw, but certain it was not from here.

When Danziger shared their sighting to other pilots, he was amazed to know that many pilots often saw UFOs while traversing the skies.

Danziger reveals that they were not supposed to talk about UFOs, so they swore the station agent on duty to secrecy and agreed to remain silent about their incident to any of their co-workers.

But the veteran pilot is confident that he is not the only one in his profession to have witnessed an unexplained flying object in the skies. He reiterates that virtually all pilots believe in UFOs.

21st May 2015 Update:

Obama pilot details UFO sighting in interview with Fox News

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  1. We should all be thankful to this man, a very clever looking person, he just gave a huge contribution to the matter. The cartel of the oil companies, and the very rich and powerful people that are exploiting our lives and our future, for their own dominance, now have something more to take in consideration. Thanks a lot, Mr Danzinger. Maurice, at

  2. So the moon was watching too?
    Who writes this stuff? not that I don’t believe the pilot it.s the bad writign I’m complaining about.

  3. Well of course pilots believe in UFOs, they would have to have seen lots of strange phenomena, and would have to be informed to avoid disaster.Too bad a lot of them can’t speak for fear of being grounded.

  4. Since its all about a contract between UN as well as many other countries, it is not more interesting anymore…

  5. No X-Files music or disrespectful jokes after the interview. That’s a first. Maybe they are starting to take the subject a bit more seriously.

    unless that part was cut out of this video

  6. I have never seen a UFO to my knowledge but I believe life has formed in all universes and there’s a good chance that they are now and have been centuries ago, visiting Earth. We have a wide range of ideas of what to expect when they announce they are here. ET, the sweet visitor or the lizard human eating Invader. IF they are already here, walking among us, it is not the sweet ET phone home, but rather, the lizard human imposters. Our government knows the truth. We are the children and must be protected. The only way to protect us right now, is to keep us in the dark. Do we really want to know the truth? Can we handle the truth? Keep an open mind. Like I wrote earlier, I have never see a UFO to my knowledge.

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